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Bibliopolism of Tsushima

About sale, shipment of book

 We started sale of book of Tsushima in December, 2015 at tourist information center of sightseeing information building contact toko tsushima (general corporate judicial person Tsushima Tourist Association).
 Other than guidebook about Tsushima, we handle book which is not readily available including town of old six of Tsushima. As for the tourist, researcher, please use local one, too.
 As shipment to each place is possible, by delivery to home charges collect on delivery, please refer.
Sightseeing information building contact toko tsushima
(general corporate judicial person Tsushima Tourist Association)
TEL 0920-52-1566
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 Comics person will in Tsushima Hoshu Amenomori 864 yen
 Life 540 yen of Hoshu Amenomori
 Recollection 2,376 yen of the Pacific War
 Tsushima, head family and cheap virtue sky Imperial mausoleum 864 yen
 Collection of Tsushima art fantasia picture postcards 200 yen
 Story 540 yen to boil Tsushima (draff)
 kotonari 1,944 yen of Tsushima
 Tsushima country will (set) 10,584 yen
 Tsushima country will (Vol. 1) 4,104 yen
 Tsushima country will (Vol. 2) 3,672 yen
 Tsushima country will (Vol. 3) 2,808 yen
 It is castle town walk 1,080 yen aimlessly Fuchu, Tsushima feudal clan
 Buddha statue 648 yen that was stolen
 Tsushima 2,160 yen that visiting Shogunate examiner saw
 It is answer book 2,160 yen to visiting Shogunate autopsy

Nagasaki documents company

 Invasion 1,512 yen of cause and Korai
 12 times of chosentsushinshi 1,512 yen
 Manabu Nagasaki, eleventh 648 yen to go on a trip
 Manabu Nagasaki, twelfth 648 yen to go on a trip
 Manabu Nagasaki, 15th 648 yen to go on a trip
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 History of Izuharamachi education 1,000 yen
 Izuharamachi 3,000 yen
 Izuharamachi (historical materials I) 6,000 yen
 Izuharamachi (historical materials II) 4,200 yen
 Kamiagatamachi 3,000 yen
 Kamitsushimamachi 3,000 yen
 Kamitsushimamachi (historical materials) 5,000 yen
 Cultural assets 500 yen of Tsushima-shi
 Minemachi 5,000 yen
 Toyotamamachi 4,000 yen

Seiko Takesue

 Is it intellect ttottaa? History 1,000 yen of such Tsushima

Cedar shop bookstore

 Natural 3,000 yen of Tsushima
 Way 2,800 yen of chosentsushinshi

mitsushima print

 Tsushima book Vol.2 1,100 yen (attached to Tsushima road map)
 Tsushima road map 200 yen

Komatsu Tsu charges will

 History of side Iki Tsushima soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu 2,000 yen required
 900 yen around footprint Iki Tsushima of Tsuneichi Miyamoto
 Heart 900 yen of Tsushima

Tsushima Tourist Association

 tsushima all sorts of subject (May, 2011) 1,850 yen

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