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Bridge ... from island Iki, Tsushima, the Goto - ancient times of border

 On Friday, April 24, 2015, "bridge ... from the island Iki, Tsushima, Goto - ancient times of border" (Tsushima, Iki, Goto, Shinkamigoto) was authorized to the first (18) of "Japan inheritance" of Agency for Cultural Affairs authorization to be tangible, and to tell about immaterial cultural assets every theme and area such as landmark architecture or traditional arts!

Summary (we quote than Agency for Cultural Affairs news release and extract) of story

 Because it was located at Japanese soil and the middle of continent, it was strategic point of traffic on the seas to bind these together from the ancient times, and island of Nagasaki was base of trade, interchange.
 Relation with Korea in particular was close, and Iki built castle town by Yayoi period, sea trade, and Tsushima monopolized trade and diplomacy business with Korea the Middle Ages later and prospered as base and reception place of transit trade.
 Role of way station became thin, but the ancient house trace and site of castle, garden show the prosperity at the time, and trace of interchange is indicated for special products such as shochu or noodles, folk event afterwards.
 Bond that country and the nation and people are deep in these islands where interchange leads to without a break is felt rare area while repeating harmony and collision only in island of border.

Constitution cultural assets (11 points of Tsushima) of Tsushima

  1. Kanada Castle trace (kanedajoato) country designation special historic spot
  2. Divination by tortoiseshells manners and customs (kibokusyuzoku) country choice immaterial folk cultural assets of Tsushima
  3. Imported reddish rice event (tsutsunoakagomegyoji) country choice immaterial folk cultural assets of Tsutsu
  4. Tsushima feudal lord head family cemetery (sokebosho) country designated historic spot
  5. Three Buddhist altar fittings (banshoinnomitsugusoku) city designation tangible cultural property of the House of ten thousand pines
  6. dozonyoraizazo (dozonyoraizazo. Kurose Kannondo) country designation important cultural property
  7. Shimizu Yamashiro trace (it does not soak Yamajo trace) country designated historic spot
  8. Gold rocky fort trace (kaneishijoato) country designated historic spot
  9. Old metal and stone tools castle garden (kyukaneishijoteien) country designation natural beauty spot natural monument
  10. chosenkokushinshiekan (chosenkokushinshiemaki) prefecture designation tangible cultural property
  11. Tsushima feudal clan Funae trace (we get crucian carp trace) prefecture designated historic spot

1.Kanada Castle trace

 It is ancient Yamashiro built in the seventh century. It was fortress of battle front of national defense, but is accessible by trekking, sea kayaking now.

 >>Trip (sightseeing model course nature 1) to release short cogongrass gulf sea kayaking feeling
 >>Ancient fortress Kanada Castle trekking (sightseeing model course nature 5) whom soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu built
 >>Ancient Yamashiro Kanada Castle and 1 trip ... (sightseeing model course history 6) of soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu - Tsushima, all ages

2.It is imported reddish rice event divination by tortoiseshells manners and customs, 3

 We are handed down to the south end, Izuharamachitsutsu (izuharamachitsutsu) district of Tsushima. Tsutsu is authorized in "100 selections of nihonno villages", and the unique history and manners and customs still breathe.

7.Shimizu Yamashiro trace

 On the Korea dispatch of troops (position of the Bunroku Keicho era) of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, we were built as supply division (flat) of Korea invasion. It is accessible by trekking (light mountain climbing) for approximately one-way 30 minutes near Tsushima-shi government office.
 >>Yamashiro Shimizu Yamashiro trekking (sightseeing model course nature 6) of the Mt. peak Ariake trekking / Korea dispatch of troops of all ages

4.It is the three Buddhist altar fittings of the House of ten thousand pines Tsushima feudal lord head family cemetery, 5

 It is historic spot group coming from Korea diplomacy of the Edo era when Tsushima feudal clan played an important role. 4-5, constitution cultural assets of 8-10 are almost concentrated around Tsushima-shi government office and can access on foot. Photograph Tsushima feudal lord head family cemetery (the House of ten thousand pines).

 Substitute Buddhist altar fittings, three Buddhist altar fittings (mitsugusoku) which were given relatively by King of Korea of Tsushima feudal lord. We are given for Toushoguu, Nikko and are proof of trust for Tsushima of Korea country.

8.It is chosenkokushinshiekan former metal and stone tools castle garden, 10 gold rocky fort trace, 9

 Castle of Tsushima feudal lord, head family, gold rocky fort trace are appointed on historic spot of country.

 Similarly gold rocky fort garden is appointed in natural beauty spot of country.
 chosenkokushinshiekan is possessed by Tsushima Historical Museum (city hall side).

11.Tsushima feudal clan Funae trace

 Of Tsushima feudal clan constructed in the Edo era is, so to speak, shipbuilding dog. We disappeared by landfill, development almost in other areas, but there remains in very good state in Tsushima. We can access by car from Tsushima-shi government office in approximately five minutes (approximately 2km, a 25-minute walk).

6.dozonyoraizazo (Kurose Kannondo)

 It is visit thing of united Silla Era of the eighth century. In Mitsushimamachikurose district of the opposite bank of Kanada Castle, it has been believed as guardian angel of easy delivery. It is 45 minutes (approximately 16km) by car from Tsushima-shi government office.
 Buddha statue is enshrined in Kannondo, and district manages. In the case of visit hope, application, adjustment is necessary. Please give me inquiry (TEL 0920-52-1566).

About inheritance (Japan Heritage) of Japan (from Agency for Cultural Affairs WEB site)

 We plan local activation by authorizing story to talk about culture, tradition of our country through local historic charm and characteristic to "inheritance (Japan Heritage) of Japan", and being made up mainly of area, and maintenance utilizing cultural assets group of essential attractive materiality, formlessness generally in talking about story, and sending to home and abroad strategically.
1.Authorized object
 Inheritance of Japan authorizes story on the basis of the following points (cultural assets itself does not become a target of authorization).

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