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Stone-cooked dishes

 The Tsushima sea near the shore is endowed with seafood which is rich in good fishing ground where dark warm current of signs of fish and cold current with much plankton hit. Stone-cooked dishes heat special rock called quartz porphyry, and originally, with local cuisine, on top of that, to bake fresh seafood, and to eat, daring fisherman dishes who ate while fisherman of Mitsushimamachineo (neo) takes the warmth on the beach are said to be the original form. Far infrared rays which heated stone rises from bakes ingredients plumply from the inside and can enjoy 100% of taste of material such as seasonal fishery products or vegetables of season.
 ※Because it is necessary to heat stone beforehand, reservation is necessary beforehand.


 Kind of Japanese-style stew cooked at the table which assumes regional chicken or fish such as Girella punctata yellowtails, plentiful vegetables ingredients materials with local cuisine that "iriyaki" comes to Tsushima for a long time. Originally there is opinion that it was named "iriyaki" because we cooked after we roast chicken (fish) of materials in camellia oil. Seasonings were different at area and home, but, in the case of ceremonial occasion or various events, it was behaved well and has been got close to islanders.
 It is in proverb "that it eat with hometown style after iriyakiha" we put somen or side in the soup including all taste of seafood, riches of the soil last, and to eat.


 It is Tsushima original noodles dish which we made with rokubeeha, starch of sweet potato. Sweet potato was introduced in the Edo era by Satsuma feudal clan, and it was superior plant which could fit barren soil of Tsushima with a little rock gachide level ground, but it was easy to be damaged, and difficulty of preservation became problem. We let you soaked sweet potato in water before long and ferment, and method to extract starch (called "sen") after complicated process was devised, and keeping for a long time was enabled. When we eat, we steep sen that we dry and were into a dumpling form in tepid water and we push out of iron plate which became vacant of hole and, on boiling pan, do into noodles form. It is local cuisine which is healthy with simplicity that climate of Tsushima which can enjoy plump texture produced.

Tsushima province side

 It was said that side of Japan came from Mainland China via the Korean Peninsula late in Jomon period, but weak side was strongly suitable for Tsushima where there was little rock gachide level ground in water in barren land and was cultivated in carelessness-like slash-and-burn agriculture that used slope of mountain called "Koba product" (kobasaku). Side (Tsushima province side) of Tsushima near progenitor is valuable, and, in the present when selective breeding of side advanced, it is small, and flavor is strong, is unique, tasting receives high evaluation of lover nationwide.

Tsushima tonchan

 Speaking of "tonchan," it is seasoning pork for roasted meat in Tsushima. We came from Korean resident in Tsushima after the war, but, using chuck meat of good pig from Denmark with sauce, sauce uses secret sauce which repeated invention at each butcher's shop and repeats improvement originally to suit to islanders' taste and settles as Seoul food now around upper Tsushima.
 "Tsushima tonchan corps" was formed in 2010 and accomplished splendid achievement of first appearance, first championship in "the second Kyushu local gourmet contest" held in Fukuoka in the same year.

Local sake

 Kawachi brewing is 1919 founding, Tsushima only liquor brewing got close to to islanders widely for a long time. Representative brand shines in honor called national young sake competition gold medal, gold medals three times consecutive Fukuoka National Tax Agency competition quality sake brewed from the finest rice section in "Shiratake" (shiratake) named from sacred mountain of Tsushima in 2004.
 Shochu "mountain cat" can enjoy light taste that there is not of habit with rare wheat U.S. shochu which blended U.S. shochu 2 for wheat shochu 8. New brands such as "koppomon" (in dialect of Tsushima will of "hardhead"), "Ito" are unfolding zealously, too.
 >>Kawachi brewing unlimited partnership

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