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Company introduction

 In abyss "is mysterious" "one of infinity" called "one of unfamiliarity" have a meaning. The sea of Tsushima is right the mysterious unknown sea.
301-31, Izuharamachihigashizato, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
TEL 080-3900-0677 for exclusive use of reservation, inquiry
FAX&TEL 0920-52-0677
 >>http://abyss8 .com

PR comment

 Scuba diving can be satisfied from experience-based diving, fan diving, boat diving, license course, beginner to senior.
 In addition, up-and-coming paddle boat prepares now to enjoy the sea still more. Anyone can enjoy casually.

Diving experience course

 It is this experience diving that is recommended to one to want to do only experience first of all.
We can participate casually and can actually try underwater sense.
We should be able to confirm whether oneself is suitable for diving in this.
Person not to select clearly yet, please participate.
Thing to prepare is OK only with swimsuit!
The time required: Approximately 3-4 time.

License course

 Course to receive authorization as diver recognized worldwide.
We carry out class while using scuba diving equipment device safely definitely to be able to dive.
With Buddy (friend diving together), it becomes qualification that can dive when we complete NAUI scuba diving equipment diver course.
(note is the same as opening water course of others group.)
Abyss is training center of NAUI.
NAUI scuba diving equipment diver course class contents
Subject class 6-8 hours
Marine practical skill two days

SUP experience

We just introduced up-and-coming SUP (stands up paddleboard)!
Anyone can easily get on with wide board.
Life jacket prepares in uneasy one, too.

List of charges

1 beach 6,000 yen
2 beach 9,000 yen
2 boat 22,000 yen
3 boat 25,000 yen
Experience-based diving
9,500 yen (including device rental, instruction charges)
When we make step-up in scuba diving equipment diver course, there is discount.
License course (NAUI scuba diving equipment diver)
65,000 yen (we include teaching materials costs, device rental, class charges, practical skill expense, application charges. When we make step-up from experience-based diving, 6,000 yen discounts)
It is weekend courses leisurely course for intensive two and a half days.
For more details, please refer.
Device rental
Full rental 5,000 yen
BC+ regi 3,000 yen
BC       1,500 yen
Regulator 1,500 yen
It is 500 yen per one point of others
SUP (stand-upper paddle boat)
5,000 yen

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