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Sightseeing information

Company introduction

Hotel Tsushima taxi
765, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
TEL 0920-52-0500
Business hours: From 7:00 a.m. to the middle of the night 3:00

PR comment

 We introduce one prius. In addition, woman driver guides because even traveling alone of woman has you enjoy trip in peace (reservation is necessary beforehand).
 In addition, we hold bus of small size, medium size, large size and can cope with package tour. Please refer.

The others

Tour guide: All the drivers show around sightseeing spot on course basically.
The number of the possession cars: Four small size takes advantage (nine), and large nine people take advantage (two)

Sightseeing course rate

Please refer.

Recommended course 1

Upper Misaka (kamizaka), Shiine (we do not force) course (four hours)
(1) The House of upper Misaka (kamizaka) (2) Komoda (komoda) historic battleground (3) Shiine stonemason root (4) samurai residence (5) Historical Museum (6) ten thousand pine (banshoin)
Upper Misaka
 From observation deck of 385 meters above sea level, ria, short cogongrass gulf (asowan) on behalf of Japan opens under eyes and can enjoy views such as Shiratake (shiratake) or Shiroyama (joyama).

Stonemason root
 Stonemason root which we slightly had only left in the Izuharamachi West Coast is used as warehouse in above-ground house-type building which roofed over with board-formed stone produced in Tsushima. Stonemason root of Shiine district is famous without being seen only in Tsushima in Japan.

Nagasaki Prefectural Tsushima Historical Museum
 It is opened in December, 1978 and we collect valuables such as cultural assets of Shimauchi, government finance company history document, folk document, head family library and display.

Recommended course 2

Constant seller sightseeing course (six hours)
(1) In ten thousand Seki Bridge (manzekibashi) (2) sum multi-capital beauty (pile up cotton) Shinto shrine (3) Mt. Eboshi (eboshidake) observation deck (4) House of Misaka (5) samurai residence (6) Historical Museum (7) ten thousand pine (8) Funae (get crucian carp)
Sum multi-capital god of beauty company
 In sea shrine dedicated to hikokakadekenson (hikohohodeminomikoto) and rich ball princess life (toyotamahimenomikoto), Palace of the Dragon King legend is left for a long time. Two rise underwater among five toriis of the main hall front and, by tide, change the aspect and have mysterious atmosphere to remind me of the mythical times distantly.

Mt. Eboshi
 Crowd of ria expressions observation station to be able to look around around quiet short cogongrass gulf 360 degrees. We can overlook sea area that ships going back and forth on Japan and continent from ancient times went along.

The House of ten thousand pines
 Tsushima feudal clan 2s feudal lord, Yoshinari So (so good) prayed soul of Yoshitomo So (settle) who was the first feudal lord may rest in peace in father and erected in 1615 and received special veneration as family temple. We can read mortuary tablet, chosentsushinshisekikakarishiryoto of the Momoyama-type main gate of a Buddhist temple, 100 loss to both, Tokugawa each generation general.

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