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Company introduction

Scuba diving shop "Jyojyo"
 It is often that the Tsushima sea near the shore where cold current and warm current hit sees group of large size wandering fish such as yellowtails in Japan's leading good fishing ground. We can observe underwater creature of south origin for a long term under the influence of Tsushima warm current and feature large stock of soft Coral, too.
〒817-0032 737-3, Izuharamachikuta, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
TEL 0920-52-5011
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PR comment

 In the sea of island, Tsushima of border, it is at high water temperature that tropical fish, ocean current to do on Tsushima Current bring in way of large size wandering fish that there is much dynamic topography which it is said, and was rich for water, stock, Rias coast and change of coral of transparency. From beginner to senior, you can enjoy diving widely.

Experience-based diving

 Product for which wants to dive by trial once as we are interested. We dive under management of instructor after simple explanation and exercise in the shallow water within depth of the water 10m! Thing to prepare is swimsuit, towel degree.
The time required: Approximately two hours.
Rate: Of 12000 yen per person (we include full equipment parts rental, premium, our store facility fee for use, the fishermen's cooperative association facility fee for use, lunch)

Fan diving others

 Fan diving, diving school, pack with accommodation
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