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Sightseeing information

Company introduction

Kamiagata taxi
Business hours: From 6:00 a.m. to the middle of the night 1:30
687-4, Kamitsushimamachihitakatsu, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
TEL 0920-86-2104

PR comment

 There is sightseeing course specialized in the northern part of Tsushima. "Tsushima wildlife protection center where Tsushima lynx is opened to the public "three Uda Beach" of 100, Nagisa choice of Japan," one of the world's largest batteries can realize Tsushima which is "island of border" including installed "rich battery".
 As Hitakatsu Port in northern Tsushima becomes the starting point, it is convenient for sightseeing from the accommodations of Hitakatsu Port, Tsushima traffic Hitakatsu office, the northern part. Please inquire for movement to Tsushima Airport, Izuhara Port.

Representative director size Yoshikazu child (we quit and wear)

The others

Tour guide: We guide all basically.
The number of the possession cars: Four small size takes advantage (four)
Remarks: We guide from Izuhara Port, Tsushima Airport. Please refer.

List of sightseeing course rates

Model course 1

hitotsubatago course (one hour) compact car (four people take advantage) 4,000 yen
 Beach, 100 selections of ... rich battery trace - Korea observation station hitotsubatago spontaneous generation place of densakinichihonkaikaisenkinenhi - three Uda Beach Japan
 Interest abolished okaketa Sea of Japan sea fight of Japan was developed off Tsushima in May in 1905 (1905), and 143 sailors of attacked and sunk Russia Baltic fleet went ashore on this ground. Farmers led this failure soldier to spring which began to spring out of water and share let you stay to private house and treated carefully. It would be expression of simple nature of mind of islander to have helped poor failure soldier while supporting the mother country.

It is 100 selections beach of three Uda Beach Japan
 The beach of rare sand bar spreads out in Tsushima, and it reflects solar light on day when it was fine, and the sea surface shines in emerald green. Spa facility and campground, pension are adjacent and are full of swimmers inside and outside the island in the summer.

Rich battery trace
 As for the rich battery completed in start of work, 1934 in 1929, reinforcing rod is concrete. Is equipped, and 40 centimeters of kanoho measuring 18.5 meters in length seems to be endured 2 gates by bombing; thickness of concrete wall more than 2 meters. It was the both in name and in reality world's largest slugger, but we never fired cannonball in the actual fighting, and we were dismantled in October, 1945 by blast group of the U.S. forces.

Model course 2

Tsushima lynx course (two hours) compact car (four people take advantage) 8,000 yen
 Park with a view of ... Sozaki park setting sun where large panorama - Tsushima wildlife protection center Tsushima lynx opening on the hill observation deck sea with a view of beach, 100 selections of ... rich battery trace - Korea observation station hitotsubatago spontaneous generation place - senhyo*sanfuryokuhatsudensho - foreign country of three Uda Beach Japan is seen in
Korean observation station
  Kamitsushimamachi located within easy reach of 49.5 kilos can expect cityscape of Pusan City, Korea to Korea on fine day, is right "town of border". This observation station which takes in architecture geographically historically in the Korean ancient times in close relations, and was constructed wins popularity as tourist attraction that tourist of both Japan and Korea visits.

 It came to be called senhyo*san from meaning to be magnificent mountain to be able to sow approximately 1,000 kinds of wheat and soba to in mountain where the entire temple was unusually covered with grass after when in Tsushima. We placed invasion-warning facilities (invasion-warning facilities) in Tsushima with soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu for attack of foreign enemy, and senhyo*san was the starting point of the smoke signal relay in old days. Windmill of two wind-power plant is producing easy energy naturally now.

Tsushima wildlife protection center
 It is facility of Ministry of the Environment in Kamiagatamachi Sozaki Park. Opening to the public is performed investigation, protection of Tsushima lynx, and information of overall animals and plants of Tsushima is collected.
 It is thought that Tsushima lynx crossed in wild cats inhabiting only Tsushima, Nagasaki in those days from not separated by water continent in Japan approximately 100,000 years ago and is done with subspecies of Bengali wildcat.

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