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Sightseeing information

Tourist brochure

 In Tsushima Tourist Association, we distribute various tourist brochures free.
 Please appoint brochure you like in referring to the following information on brochure request. When there is not designation, I send general tourist brochure.
 There is downloadable brochure.

General sightseeing

・Know Tsushima maru; guide map
 >>Portable Document Format 2.1MB downloading

・Let's go to Tsushima guidebook soda Tsushima!
・izuhara restaurant map

History relations

・It is Izuhara aimlessly
・Country designation special historic spot Kaneta Castle trace
・kachosentsushinshi of good neighbor policy

Shinto shrine relations

Tsushima fortress (battery group) relations

Natural relations

Tsushima trekking guidebook (blog article)
 >>Portable Document Format 8.9MB downloading

・Bird watching of Tsushima
 >>Portable Document Format 1.2MB downloading

・Huge tree and nature of Tsushima

Ecotourism sea kayaking relations

Tsushima ecotourism guidebook (blog article)
 >>Portable Document Format 3.4MB downloading

※It became out of stock in April, 2012. Only for downloading use.

Tsushima lynx relations

・Tsushima wildlife protection center & Tsushima lynx

Gourmet relations

・We eat up Tsushima gourmets and map with respect (blog article)
 >>Portable Document Format 4.5MB downloading

※It became out of stock in December, 2016. Only for downloading use. As information may be old (no company), please confirm to Tsushima Tourist Association (TEL0920-52-1566 inquiry form).

Tourist brochure, inquiry

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