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Sightseeing information

Company introduction

Toyotama taxi
Business hours: 
406-1, Toyotamamachinii, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
TEL 0920-58-1251

PR comment

 We prepare for sightseeing course specialized in central part of Tsushima. We guide the Kannon (general visit possibility) of hi (so) done with Masami in Tsushima Six Kannon Bodhisattvas most other than Wada capital god of beauty Corporation reminding me of Mt. Eboshi observation station which can overlook Rias coast, short cogongrass gulf (Aso wooden bowl) which complicated inlet and uninhabited island weave, the mythical world.
 As Toyotamamachinii of the Tsushima central part becomes the starting point, it is convenient for sightseeing from Tsushima traffic, Nii bus stop, boat in service between Osaka and Kokura Nii platform. Please inquire for movement to Tsushima Airport, Izuhara Port.

Representative director Eiji Kimura

The others

Tour guide: We guide all basically.
The number of the possession cars: Four small size takes advantage (two)
Remarks: We guide from Izuhara Port, Tsushima Airport. Please refer.

※As for the municipal boat in service between Osaka and Kokura, Mitsushimachi, barrel links Toyotamamachi, Nii () to the beach (car from Tsushima Airport five minutes).
 >>Boat in service between Osaka and Kokura service schedule, rate is this

List of sightseeing course rates

Toyotama two hours course

Constant seller sightseeing course (two hours)
(1) Wada capital god of beauty company (2) Mt. Eboshi observation station (3) shurinji (4) six My Lord Shrine
Mt. Eboshi
 Crowd of ria expressions observation station to be able to look around around quiet short cogongrass gulf 360 degrees. We can overlook sea area that ships going back and forth on Japan and continent from ancient times went along.

Kannon image (shurinji) of hi
 Kannon image to be informed when six local (Sago, Seta, Mine, hi, Sasu, Tsutsu) Buddhist priests, line bases made for a long time in Tsushima was worshiped. We are considered that Kannon image of hi is the most beautiful soon and, by variety hall carving wood of hinoki materials, are big thing of 108 centimeters in height. Originally Buddhist priest of shurinji does gambling with Buddhist priest of Kutsugi in 1124 and beats and is informed by shurinji thing which Kutsugi (Minemachi, Yoshida) matched when we took to go.

Ginkgo of six My Lord Shrine
 It is said that ginkgo was handed down to Japan in fallen leaves Takagi native to China in the old times. Ginkgo of six My Lord Shrine (Toyotamamachichiromo) is appointed to natural monument of prefecture in huge tree of the Tsushima second place next to big ginkgo tree of Kamitsushimamachi, koto (forbid). Trunk circumference 6.4m, height of the tree 32m, the age of a tree are unidentified, but growing power of a tree is prosperous, and it is thought that there is in prime of life filled with vitality.

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