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Tsushima Kayaks
We prepare for various plans and, from sea kayaking experience-based first one to experienced person, welcome all of you.
〒817-0435 38, Mitsushimamachimikata, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
Tsushima Kayaks
TEL 090-4981-5064
Official site:

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Please experience short cogongrass gulf consisting of the very large ria shores eminent Japan.
Scenery which refreshing wind of short cogongrass gulf and calm wave, the blue sea and green mountain weave heals your heart. One is recommended leisurely in quiet inlet and uninhabited island, too.
Short cogongrass gulf which is calm toward the beginner toward the experienced person in the open sea! We prepare for plan that each people can enjoy and wait for all of you.

Sea kayaking half day course

 This plan is recommended for person who is simple, and wants to enjoy sea kayaking.
We leave if we learn way of rowing! Let's stroll in the sea surface of short cogongrass gulf full of changes, uninhabited islands by sea kayaking leisurely! As wave is calm in the short cogongrass gulf, even person who is not confident of physical strength and swimming can enjoy sea kayaking experience in peace.
[the time required] Approximately three hours (for from 9:00 to 12:00 or from 13:30 to 16:30
[rate] Adult 6,500 yen, child (less than junior high student) 4,000 yen

Sea kayaking daily course

 It is recommended plan in one that wants to be past much highlight slowly.
Tsushima has a long history, and this is attractive one, too! We take a walk through Kaneta Castle trace built in the seventh century and can feel the history as endlessness of Tsushima. Play with a whore in uninhabited island is recommended, too!
Other than short cogongrass gulf, Kuroshima of the open sea, red island, ten thousand Seki Bridge prepare for various courses.
[the time required] Approximately six hours (from 9:00 to 15:00)
[rate] Adult 10,000 yen, child (less than junior high student) 6,000 yen ※With lunch

Sea kayaking sunset course

 It is recommended plan for person who wants to taste scene of gangs different Tsushima in the daytime.
As we start from the evening, we can sense quiet short cogongrass gulf bodily coolly in midsummer.
Scene that the setting sun sets in the Korea Strait is right superb view! Return is padoringu in dusk!
Please enjoy mysterious, quiet atmosphere.
[the time required] Approximately three hours from 17:30 to 20:30
[rate] Adult 6,500 yen, child (less than junior high student) 4, 00 yen

Sea kayaking family experience course

 It is recommended plan for home and person having no time to spare whom small child comes to.
※It is available from more than three people.
[time] One hour 15 minutes 13:00 ..., 14:30 ..., 16:00 ...
[rate] 1,500 yen lower than adult 2,500 yen, junior high student


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