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History of Tsushima

How long did person live in Tsushima?

 As of October, 2005, the oldest remains are Koshitaka (or they went) remains of Kamiagatamachi in Tsushima. In remains of Jomon period of about B.C. 6800, upheaval sentence earthenware vessel of the Korean Peninsula and volcanic glass from Kyushu are excavated at the same time and show that there was flow of person, thing from that time to Korean Peninsula and Kyushu.

Appearance ... to Wei will Wajin biography - history book

 It is "Wei will Japan hearsay" in the Mikuni will times in China (gishiwajinden) in the about third century that Tsushima appears to history book for the first time.

"We begin and reach to rukoto senyori, Tsushima (Tsushima) country in Kazumi. The government dignitary says with *enoko, vice-ha *yatsubori. shozetsushima which there is, one 400 Yori are possible. In the land, precipitous mountainside a lot of deep forests to spread, way do nyo of diameter of *shika. There are more than 1,000 doors. We eat thing of the sea and, without Yoshida, do shi* (= trade) in self-support, ship to the jo rite north and south."

 There are many bluffs, and mountain is deep, and way is narrow like animal trail. In addition, ... which there were few rice fields and ate marine products and went back and forth in Korean Peninsula and continent and Japanese soil with small boat and traded with.

 This description describes state of Tsushima at the time precisely briefly. Approximately 89% of island soil of Tsushima were covered in forest and there was little farming ground and seemed to often use ship for movement between villages now until postwar, grid was maintained.
(photograph faces Gulf of short cogongrass from Toyotamamachi Mt. Eboshi)

Fight ... Kaneta Castle and soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu ... of hakumurako

 It is fight of hakumurako (Kinoe winning loss to vomit in this way) of 663 years to have brought strain state in ancient Tsushima. Mikuni of Kokuryo (chestnut to ask for), Silla (shiragi), Kudara (go down) was separated, but Kudara which was alliance to Japan is destroyed by the Allied Forces of Tang, Silla, and reinforcements whom the Yamato Imperial Court sent for Kudara revival are soundly beaten by the Korean Peninsula at the time in hakumurako. The Yamato Imperial Court was forced to withdrawal from the Korean Peninsula, and beacon stand and soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu (it blooms and serves) were placed for defense, and castle was built. Kaneta Castle of Mitsushimamachimikata (kanedajo or the material come. Remains of an ancient structure of Korea-type Yamashiro of Japanese oldest grade remain in) well for 667 years and are appointed on special historic spot of country.

 Of popularity as trekking course that mountain trail is maintained in Kaneta Castle, and can face the horizon of the Korean Peninsula area that ancient soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu would see from the mountaintop, and can think about romance of the history now.
(castle wall of no good luck door best among Mitsushimachi Kaneta castle photograph:)

Influential person ... of Abiru and Takashi - Middle Ages Tsushima

 Most family names are "Abiru" (take) in current Tsushima. Person of the mainland can sail up "duck" and ancestors of this family name to read through until the Heian era. The Abiru clan holds real power such as trade and seemed to have big power in Tsushima, but when it is in the Kamakura era, relations with Dazaifu turn worse and they consider and are robbed of control by sect (this chest) him. We considered, and Takashi gave sect (so) him before long, and it was in family of the master of anti-Majima that lasted 600 years from the Kamakura era to the Edo late Tokugawa period, Tsushima feudal lord.
 In legend, received command of Dazaifu; consider, and 200 horse men lower than Shigehisa So (koremuneshigehisa) strike Izuharamachitsutsu (pipe), and fight desperately with Abiru, and kill Abiru flat Taro country in Mitsushimamachikechi (stingy person), and loss lets die in ahiryuzenjobo in Kamitsushimamachishushi (learn), and is said that it was ruler of Tsushima. We considered, and Shigehisa So was legendary person, and the heroic episode was like thing produced by afterworld, too, but legend of Abiru hunt by Takashi has been believed for a long time in Tsushima.
 When Takashi draws blood of Heike clan, we call ourselves, and, also, even if it is descendant of cheap virtue emperor who set in estrade no ura by competition between two teams battle, we call ourselves, and there is reference Imperial mausoleum of the Emperor Antoku in Izuharamachikuneinaka. Because it was only island master, feudal lord to have been able to give sect family name, Shimauchi does not have person of sect family name now. By the way, Abiru claimed to be from Kazusa country Abiru (we take) *, or to be progeny of Mr. Soga, and it was family name that there was the most in Tsushima.

Tragedy ... which attacked island of Mongolian Invasions - border

 It was Takashi who would govern Tsushima on behalf of Abiru, but the reign to continue from the Kamakura era to the Edo late Tokugawa period was not flat at all. In 1274 in the times of shushikoku (assistant country) among Mongolian Invasions forces 33,000 (Mongolia 20,000 5000. 8000, Koma) approximately 1,000 horse men Komoda Beach (komodahama. shikokuishita 80 yoki which met landing, it in) considered to be around current Kaneta Elementary School is annihilated. It is buried tomb for the war dead on trunk mound separately, and neck and the body of shushikoku convey intensity of fight.
 Former military which struck Tsushima committed all kinds of tyranny, and islander was rolled up in unprecedented terrible sight. Activity of Japanese pirates (pirates group) around Tsushima becomes intense, and, after withdrawal of former military, it is one of cause to destroy Korai morning, but in the background called revenge to the Mongolian Invasions might have a meaning.
 shushikoku which was 68 years old is worshiped as Ares later, and we harden the body, and, in Komodahama Shrine Festival performed every year in November, descendants of Takashi and vassal participate in armor, and ceremony of exorcism using a bow to sound bow towards the sea is performed.

Times ... of Japanese pirates - pirates

 Over the thirteenth to the 16th century, it was pirates group said to be "Japanese pirates" (let's be heated) that raged in the East Asia whole area. There is by Japan = Japanese, ada = aggression, and it is thought that we were constructed by fishermen, powerful family of Kitakyusyu (Tsushima, Iki) and the Seto Inland Sea. Trade with foreign countries was more prosperous in these areas than ancient times, but came to perform piracy flourishingly when there was meaning of retaliation for Mongolian Invasions, and the central government of Japan, Korea was weakened and could not trade with by war and external strain. It is said that fierce okiwame, it hastened extinction of Korai dynasty as for the act of aggression of Japanese pirates.
 Li-regimed Korea troubled in Japanese pirates tries military suppression of Tsushima based on of Japanese pirates (alien enemy of the 1419 Oei era) and guesses when it is cause of piracy that food cannot provide for oneself and gives head family which is the master of influential powerful family of Tsushima and anti-Majima office and rank and takes conciliatory measure such as detecting trade. Kakitsu treaty (trade agreement) is concluded with grandmaster between Li-regimed Korea in 1443 (Kakitsu 3), and grandmaster will approximately monopolize the trade right with Korea than this, and, also, activity of Japanese pirates gradually burns down because trading with ships authorized by the shogunate came to be performed between the Muromachi Shogunate and light countries.
 In the latter term Japanese pirates, Chinese, merchant of Portuguese, Hispania (Spain) person, Hakata who was robbed of its breadwinning by embargo policy (sets a limit to trade) of light country played a key role, and "Japan" ada seemed to be thing not to be able to call exactly.

 Ozaki area in the western part of Mitsushimacho, Tsushima-shi was one of the bases of Hayata who was big power of Japanese pirates. Around 90% of ceramics is made in Korea, and, as a result of excavation of Mizusaki remains at the north end of Ozaki, earthenware which, in addition, is made in Southeast Asia is found and indicates that Hayata had the wide trade zone to reach Korea, China, Southeast Asia.
(photograph: Mitsushimachi saw percent rock)

Life ... of Korea dispatch of troops and peace negotiation - Yoshitomo So

 Head family Yoshitomo So (we settle so) was the master of island that was valid in the Korea dispatch of troops by Hideyoshi Toyotomi and the most difficult times called peace negotiation by Ieyasu Tokugawa. It is large country, light no rule that Hideyoshi who achieved world unification aimed next, and, in spite of objection of Yoshitomo So and Yukinaga Konishi, the dispatch of troops (position of Bunroku, the Keicho era) to the Korean Peninsula is planned. Justice intellect appointed usher catches secret order of the line head who is father-in-law, and it is said that we performed various peace negotiations under the surface of the water. The Japanese military entraps Han castle (Seoul), Pyongyang (Pyongyang) at one time, but paths of supply are cut off and encounter resistance of reinforcements and Korea volunteer of light country again and are forced to withdrawal by Korea water forces where sumomoshunshinritsu is by death from an illness of Hideyoshi.

 Barbarity of the Japanese military let the Korea people have feelings of deep grudge and exhausted daimyos of West Japan. Ieyasu who did not send soldier to Korea saves power steadily and we win the Battle of Sekigahara and become one who reigns over the whole country. In the Battle of Sekigahara, justice intellect takes sides with the west military (Mitsunari) with Mayor of line of father-in-law, but Yukinaga Konishi executes after defeat, and daughter Maria of line length that was wife of justice intellect is divorced, and it is said that we finished life in Nagasaki. It is told that there is no blame by Ieyasu, and justice intellect is ordered fence-mending with Korea which died out. We refuse Li-regimed Korea strongly, but we need the defense to Nuzhen group who extended power in the north, and we consent to dispatch of tsushinshi subject to turning on Japanese book earlier, and first tsushinshi (kaitokensurikaesashi) is dispatched in 1607 by Ieyasu.
 The achievement was detected in Yoshitomo So who sent the Korea dispatch of troops of Hideyoshi, divorce with wife, the life filled with hardships including postwar peace negotiation in Edo shogunate government and finished life filled with disturbance as first generation Tsushima feudal lord in 1615 (Genna 1).

 Family temple was erected by Yoshinari So who remembered trouble of father, justice intellect, and it was named the House of ten thousand pines by posthumous Buddhist name of justice intellect. Wife Maria of justice intellect was Christian, but we are dedicated by Imamiya Wakamiya Shrine who is professional jester of Yawata Shrine of Izuharamachi.

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