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List of advantageous information

"Trip product" of ANA

"Trip product" (tabisaku) is package staying plane + which ANA (All Nippon Airways) provides.
 It is available, and there is the following merit from airport of various parts of Japan including Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka.

 >>"Trip product" of ANA (reservation, search page)


 Hakata Port where high-speed ship arrives and departs ferry to Tsushima from Nagoya, Osaka (person asks. It is package tour of late-night express bus + ferry, expressway ship connected to Fukuoka).
 Traffic access from Hakata Station and Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Port is slightly incomprehensible, but, as for the express bus of WILLER, even the first is reliable to go directly to Hakata Port.

 >>WILLER EXPRESS (official site)

Advantageous five people (mini-convention holding support project)

 It discounts approximately 30% of passage fare more than five people among less than 50 groups.
 As there is some condition including applying to thing, Tsushima Tourist Association to do in Tsushima more than a night by thing, two weeks ago to use restaurant to join, please confirm in the following site.

 >>We are carrying out discount of route fare! (Tsushima-shi WEB site)

Tsushima traffic, free pass ticket

 Tsushima traffic is Tsushima only route bus service company. It is to 1,000 yen fixed amount even if we get on and off how many times even if we get on how many hours during 1st if we purchase 1,000 yen free pass ticket in each Tsushima traffic office or inside of car. Izuhara (izuhara. In) ... in southern Tsushima Tsushima (kamitsushima. Roundtrip of northern part of Tsushima) and Izuhara - Mitsu Island (mitsushima. In the case of movement of) with beach and Tsushima Airport, it is convenient.
The Tsushima traffic head office
〒817-0001 144-7, Izuharamachikoura, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
TEL 0920-52-1810
 >>Tsushima traffic (official site)

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