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Special product information

Producer introduction (Tsushima-shi recommendation product)

Esaki peace of mind temple (ezakitaiheido)
TEL 0920-52-0315
742, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 We are particular about materials to make good thing from founding for 120 years and bake by the traditional manufacturing method (one character firing) to bake by fire from bottom slowly and carefully. Fan to repeat as popular souvenir representing Tsushima, and to purchase does not die out. As for the refuse firewood of white bean jam, our store is ancestor. It is traditional cake of high quality which there is some exoticism.

Sea breeze Corporation (chi Liquidambar formosana Shoji)
TEL 0920-52-1037
1-6, Izuharamachikuta, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 We purchase good thing of the freshness from original supplier fisherman directly and provide at affordable price. In addition, "tuna motsu-nabe" which we developed by us's original manufacturing method "tuna roast giblets" become popular item with deep taste and texture only by tuna without smell nevertheless. We will send secret excellent article for sale of Tsushima to the whole country from now on.

Uehara (kabushikigaishauehara)
TEL 0920-52-0828
491-1, Izuharamachikuta, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 Sell discerning special product of Tsushima; and 80. Special product, seafood, mountain products which developed the company originally satisfy gourmet and contribute to activation of construction and regional economy of food culture of island. Above all, we establish Tsushima brand as "charges product (trademark registration) with clear product of family register that brought up meal and the history and culture in meal career" and send blessings of nature to the whole country.

True heart fisheries (the Mago kolo Sui sun)
TEL 0920-85-1058
16, Kamiagatamachishishimi, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 Thing which it is enough for to do traditional thing in main routinely in "dirt Mutsu" made specially in Tsushima makes dried fish for faith that it is possible for. We mind maintenance of the freshness in particular and send taste and true heart with style to make only thing that there is with oneself not mass production carefully.

Way-maru fisheries (the Yu gene imported car Michi circle Sui sun)
TEL 0920-59-0028
560-2, Toyotamamachisaga, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 We cultivate Seriola aureovittata, yellowtail, Thailand, kelp groupers in state limitlessly near nature with fish preserve which we established in Rias coast peculiar to Tsushima in us. Because passage of opportunity is easy to get, pure water is always kept and bait seems to manage natural product rather than delicious nature horse mackerel and culture for food. We send single night airing or natural stewed sea eel to the whole country other than such vaunted fresh fish.

Mitsushimachi fishermen's cooperative association (mitsushimagyogyokyodokumiai)
TEL 0920-54-5020
711-10, Mitsushimamachikusubo, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 We have a firm body moderately after culture management and the shipment system of severe standard were approved without catching one fry of bluefin tuna which grew in Tsushima Current carefully in our fishermen's cooperative association, and permitting pursuit of culture environment compromise and ship Tsushima product culture bluefin tuna that picked up fat on the body as brand of "bloom of fatty tuna".

Yamamoto Shoji (yuugenngaishayamamotoshoji)
TEL 0920-52-7321
1347, Izuharamachikokubu, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 Red chicken of natural rich Tsushima is brought up at ease in large chicken house, and it is in chicken which flavor is rich in. Representative local cuisine "chicken noiriyaki" of Tsushima using such fresh, delicious chicken and noted product "striped kokko" of new Tsushima are our confidence products which they made for trouble time.

Tsushima oldness and Denshokan Museum (Tsushima Furusato den show perception)
TEL 0920-54-8311
Mitsushimamachikechi, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki second 461-6
 We find out delicious thing of Tsushima and introduce. It is turnout spot of Tsushima which we had to processed marine products and noodles, sweets utilized blessing of Tsushima in various ways.

Toyotamamachi promotion public corporation (zaidanhojintoyotamamachishinkoukousha)
TEL 0920-59-0339
4-12, Toyotamamachikaifuna, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 While it is fresh, we process sea eel which it gave life to from Tsushima and make stewed sea eel and foods boiled down in soy, difference. It is in particular famous as sea eel produced in west sea area is delicious. In addition, craftsman whom we studied in store specializing in sea eel dishes of Nihonbashi, Tokyo makes use of the taste in inheritance product. We will send high quality sea eel of Tsushima to all of you from now on.

"Artisan" management meeting (takumiuneikyogikai)
TEL 0920-56-0118
82-12, Izuharamachishimobaru, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 "Regional chicken shiitake soup" which "filial piety noodles" of new sense that made sweet potato to raw materials "Tsushima province soba" catching high evaluation to authority of side made with regional chicken and shiitake made specially in Tsushima and all the products of artisan management meeting have great popularity. With meal, we will send tradition of Tsushima and culture, large blessings of nature to the whole country from now on.

Tsushima kamaboko shop (Yu gene imported car Tsushima kamaboko ten)
TEL 0920-58-1662
2091-3, Toyotamamachinii, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 We give original processing with being fresh in sea eels produced in the beautiful sea of Tsushima. If sea eel of Tsushima is a lot fatty with 13.9/100g whereas lipid of produced sea eel is 9.91/100g in others and is delicious, it is reputation. Other than very popular Tsushima province gold sea eel (stewed sea eel) and sea eel cutlet, net taste cutlet, kankoromochimo is deep-rooted popular item.

Tsushima agricultural cooperative (tsushimanougyokyodokumiai)
TEL 0920-52-1116
606-19, Izuharamachinakamura, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 As for the shiitake which grew in Tsushima where the forest occupies approximately 90%, even the same kind including flavor, thickness, texture is different from other production centers in quality by unique climate climate. There are many thick Quercus variabilis and sawtooth oak of the bark and uses raw wood not general co-Japanese oak at other production centers. It is fragrant, high raw wood shiitake which is particular naturally, and was made in comfortable natural environments.

Kamitsushimamachi fishermen's cooperative association (kamitsushimagyogyokyodokumiai)
TEL 0920-86-2021
206, Kamitsushimamachinishidomari, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 Our fishermen's cooperative association in right in the middle of the Sea of Genkai which is world eminent fishing ground lands a great variety of fresh fishery products and ships to the whole country. Above all, hairtail performs fishing by original method, and tilefish fishing is special product performing in upper Tsushima from old days. In addition, in our fishermen's cooperative association, we fish twice a month on holiday and serve for marine resources protection and stable fishery.

Kawachi brewing (go) (kawachishuzogomeigaisha)
TEL 0920-54-2010
Mitsushimamachikechi, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki former 490-1
 Island "Tsushima" in island is said to be the shochu first ground to Japan handed down. It is only one brewing ground in Tsushima to arouse in technique of artisan who we keep nature of Tsushima among mountain and the seas alive, and was cultivated by the long history. We send discerning local sake such as pure mijiu and quality sake brewed from the finest rice, U.S. wheat shochu to make with underflow water of forest of the crowing of a rooster chosen as 100 selections of forests of water source to the whole country.

Ei Sho (kabushikigaishashoei)
TEL 0920-56-1142
407-1, Izuharamachishimobaru, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 Shiitake which was secret excellent article for sale of Tsushima was fragrant, and taste was heavy highly, and resistance to the teeth was reliable, and the high quality came to be gradually known to the whole country. We are particular about shiitake of traditional raw wood cultivation and perform direct sale direct from the field as producer with a view of face. Sale on the Internet will start in future, too.

Anti-bank (Thai Shu)
TEL 0920-86-3618
958, Kamitsushimamachihitakatsu, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
 Horse mackerel (horse mackerel) varies in taste by fishing ground. We are particular about horse mackerel particularly make dried fish using "top horse mackerel" of famous Tsushima 201 sea region as fishing ground of high quality horse mackerel. In convincible materials, please thoroughly enjoy genuine dried fish which you put great deal of effort and made.

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