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About copyright of image

 There are things which photograph used in our site gets thing, licensing that we quoted from thing, brochure of our association which we photographed in our association and borrowed from third party. It is necessary to get permission of photographer about photograph of third party photography, but please inform our association of purpose of use and photograph (please appoint for wind such as which photograph of which page concretely) which you want to use as offer is possible about copyrighted image.

About Google map

 Google map is map service that Google provides. In our site, we use many this Google maps. Google map is displayed when we click link as follows in site.

Explanation of Google map

Normal "map"
 It is the first screen of Google map. Position is displayed on the right map when we click the left list.

Normal "map" (zoom bar)
 When map performs zooming in (the details are displayed, but whole area of indication becomes narrow) when we operate zoom bar of the screen left on positive side and operates on negative side, map does zoom out (whole area of indication becomes large, but is generous written).

Normal "map" (zooming in state)
 This normal map is suitable to confirm place of the accommodations and restaurant of city area where detailed map is prepared for.

Normal "map"
 Screen is suitable to check places such as restaurants, but does not usually understand images of altitude and vegetation for ground plan. When click the "map" of the screen above "aerial photograph" "topography"; ...

"Aerial photograph" map
 We can confirm to depth of vegetation and the sea.

"Topography" map
 Detailed maps of city area are not prepared for, but are suitable because contour line is displayed to confirm route, difference in elevation in mountain climbing maps. In our site, we use in trekking-related page of model course.

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