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Sightseeing model course

  1. Trip to release short cogongrass gulf sea kayaking feeling
  2. Mythical village sea kayaking sum multi-capital god of beauty company, marine worship
  3. We go into the sea of scuba diving border
  4. Mt. 100 Kyushu Shiratake trekking
  5. Ancient fortress Kanada Castle trekking whom soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu built
  6. Yamashiro Shimizu Yamashiro trekking of the Mt. peak Ariake trekking / Korea dispatch of troops of all ages
  7. Wild birds flying in the sky of bird watching border
  8. We go to encounter creatures Tsushima lynx of island
  9. Flowers coloring island of creatures border of island

(7) Wild birds flying in the sky of bird watching border

Course outline

 Tsushima located to 49.5 kilos to northernmost tip of Kyushu, Korea is the crossroads of coming flying, the passage of migratory bird. Wild birds more than 300 kinds more than half of birds known in Japan are recorded. Other than permanent residents such as ossifrages, we can enjoy bird-watching through winter migratory bird, one year including rare bird in transit and stray bird spring, summer, autumn.
About spring ferry
 In the golden age of spring ferry, kind of bird changes by unit busily for several hours. As for one, a flock of wild birds observed in morning may not be seen in the evening either. In cosmopolite, rare bird which is rarely seen may disappear in other areas, and it is Torimi who does not fall out of mind. In addition, all of the islands become point of bird-watching in spring and are full of bird watchers inside and outside the island.
About autumn ferry
 In September, ferry of small Raptores, academic harassment Dacca is observed in Uchiyama Pass of Izuharamachi. There is year more than 100,000 in one month, too and can observe ferry of several thousand tens of thousands of in a day if condition is good.
 Raptores such as sparrow hawk or kestrel appear in pursuit of tree-pipits from October through November. When it is winter, large Raptores such as Steller's sea-eagle white-tailed sea eagles come over to the sky in northern Tsushima.

Field diary of travel agency "Y bird" specialized in wild bird

Course figure

 >>The sky, bird watching (Google map) of model course (nature) [bird watching] (1) border

Video Uchiyama Pass bird watching

※Picture (12:10 ...) of Uchiyama Pass bird watching flows when we click image. 

Point (car from Izuhara Port southing 40 minutes) in southern Tsushima

(1) Tsutsu (pipe)
 Lawn of Ozakiyama Park points observation of yam.
※There is restroom in mame*saki (Ozakiyama Park) of Tsutsu and beautiful Onazuka park.
(2) Room of a young Imperial princess at Ise Shrine (there is not) - (3) Azamo (as for the bruise) - (4) Hisakazu (eat)
 The outskirts of rice field become observation point such as buntings, nail Nagase Brothers beauty in spring. Mountain show bottle is observed every year.
※There is restroom, store in Hisakazu village, and there is restroom in beach more than mountain paths.
(5) The shallows (do)
 Gulls, snipes, plovers are observed around the river mouth of Segawa.

Point (car from Izuhara Port southing 20 minutes) in southern Tsushima

(6) Uchiyama Pass (Uchiyama Pass)
In September, magnificent ferry of academic harassment Dacca is observed every year. Ferry of a large crowd of several thousand tens of thousands of is the best part. Observation place is maintained, and mountain pass can overlook Uchiyama Basin. Raptores except academic harassment Dacca are attractive, too.
※There is simple restroom.

Tsushima central part point (neighboring by car 20 minutes, Tsushima Airport to the north from Izuhara Port)

(7) Hot water multi-village land (yuttarirando)
 Rare snipes, plovers appear in puddle after rain. Mysterious place where rare bird surprised at neighboring barren land may appear. As it is neighborhood of Tsushima Airport, Torimi can do it using waiting time.
※Spa facility, restaurant, restroom is in hot water multi-village Landes.

Tsushima central part point (40 minutes northwest from Izuhara Port by car)

(8) Kashi Beach (we lend and receive)
 Mountain show bottle co-curlew has been observed around the river mouth, damp ground, rice field. Buntings of time of ferry are interesting.
※There is store, restroom in Kashi Beach.

Tsushima central part point (30 minutes northwest from Izuhara Port by car)

(9) Sumo (finish)
We observe, and Bush of around Sumo River, the field circumference points. Snipe plovers come to be observed in spring when water enters rice field.

Tsushima central part point (40 minutes northwest from Izuhara Port by car)

(10) Oh, bay park which goes
 We can observe waterfowl in pond in garden, and diving of ossifrage may be seen. Ground is perfect observation place of dusky thrushes, tree-pipits.
※Oh, bay park is maintained campground, and Tsushima province horse is bred so, and there is restroom, vending machine.

Tsushima central part point (60 minutes northwest from Izuhara Port by car)

(11) Mine (we do not see)
 We observe, and river bank of Mine Kawanaka, the lower valley points. Mountain show bottle or drongo shrike have been observed other than buntings. As for white-necked crane of kitakaesako dropping in again in the early spring.

Point (90 minutes northwest from Izuhara Port by car) in northern Tsushima

(12) Sago (sago)
 Tsushima's best bird-watching point. Crane rests feather for from February to March, and several hundred groups may be seen. There are many appearances of Raptores and rare bird, too. Sago riverside and Bush around the rice field observe, and they point. Tsushima lynx is released in Tsushima wildlife protection center of Sago, pole park, and wild bird information is available, too.

(13) The field no beach (tanohama)
 Bush around the rice field was observation point, and rare birds such as van Ken have appeared.

Point (car by car from northwest 120 minutes, Hitakatsu Port from Izuhara Port 15 minutes) in northern Tsushima

(14) Shuushi (learn)
 We observe, and around Shuushi River points.
(15) Waniura (the crocodile back) - (16) spring (Izumi)
 White-tailed sea eagle Steller's sea-eagle is confirmed every year.
※Korean observation station of Waniura has restroom.

Precaution at the time of bird-watching

About Shimauchi movement

Bird watching brochure of Tsushima

 It is bird-watching brochure which we made in March, 2009.
 Spring migratory bird, photograph and list of shooting places of wild bird seen in autumn migratory bird, Tsushima are listed in the surface permanent resident.

 The back side becomes bird-watching map of Tsushima.
 Please request one that wishes to mail brochure of printed matter to Tsushima Tourist Association.

 >>Downloading (Portable Document Format 1.24MB)

Wild bird related site of Tsushima

 It is characteristic of Tsushima that it is located between Siberia, Mainland China and Japanese soil, Southeast Asia, and can observe ferry and rare bird of dynamic wild bird. But real-time intelligence is essential as Tsushima is big island of north and south 82 kilos to meet with wild birds striking everywhere at once. As even i-mode of cell-phone can look at homepage, we check following HP!
It is ... from wild bird communication - Tsushima
 Wild bird site of tsushinshi spending days absorbed in Torimi in Tsushima. (^^) which is taking off the cap in busying oneself, passion and vitality when rare bird appears
 tsushinshi is chairperson of wild bird love group "meeting of Tsushima wild bird".

Tsushima wild bird illustrated book
 This is site where members of meeting of Tsushima wild bird gather, too. We check this bulletin board!

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