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Sightseeing model course

  1. Trip to release short cogongrass gulf sea kayaking feeling
  2. Mythical village sea kayaking sum multi-capital god of beauty company, marine worship
  3. We go into the sea of scuba diving border
  4. Mt. 100 Kyushu Shiratake trekking
  5. Ancient fortress Kanada Castle trekking whom soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu built
  6. Yamashiro Shimizu Yamashiro trekking of the Mt. peak Ariake trekking / Korea dispatch of troops of all ages
  7. Wild birds flying in the sky of bird watching border
  8. We go to encounter creatures Tsushima lynx of island
  9. Flowers coloring island of creatures border of island

(9) Flowers coloring island of creatures border of island

Course outline

 Plant which is peculiar to Tsushima (in the world only in Tsushima) has unexpectedly few sima Sour Orange Ren or Tsushima funkia, but many continents system plant grows wild by the geographical condition in Tsushima. In addition, we are distributed over continent and Tsushima, but we are distributed over plant and Japanese soil and Tsushima not to be distributed over in Japanese soil, but there are plants not to be distributed over continent and presents aspect of island of overpass of creature distribution.

Plant (the New Year) of Tsushima

 When gene chi azalea makes pink flower bloom in desolate wintry grove in March and tells coming of spring to Tsushima, Chloranthus japonicus have a heated between fallen leaves of fallen leaves forest quietly and has a heated so that plants seen only in Tsushima in Japan including nanzansumire compete for pretty figure.
Gene chi azalea
 In Tsushima, as for the gene chi azalea that a lot of grove of miscellaneous trees of deciduous trees (we drop leaf in winter) such as co-Japanese oak Quercus variabilis dyes desolate wintry forest in pinkness in the northern part and short cogongrass gulf of island, it is spring pastime that gives poetic charm.

Chloranthus japonicus
  We can come across beautiful wild grass such as Chloranthus japonicus and cymbidium, violets when we walk grove of miscellaneous trees of the early spring. Grove of miscellaneous trees which there was anywhere was superior environment where life and the animals and plants of person lived together once.

 Wings of a biplane-related violet which is distributed over Korean Peninsula and Tsushima. Pink flower is seen in white blossom, the southern part in the northern part. It is only one which is high in among flowers particularly popularity of Tsushima.

Plant (in spring) of Tsushima

Chionanthus retusus
 The mountains of Kamitsushimamachiwaniura district in northern Tsushima are finished dyeing with flower of Chionanthus retusus white from late April through early May. Waniura is appointed to natural monument of country as the Japan's biggest warren of Chionanthus retusus and is full of cherry blossom viewing visitors inside and outside the island. Another name pus Terashi.

Plant (in the summer) of Tsushima

 In the rocky place of the shore, it is colored Hough yellow yes in the summer by yellow day lily when silk tree shakes flabelliform pink flower for wind in each place.
It is yellow day lily yes Hough
 It is friend of yellow day lily growing wild only in Tsushima in Japan. We like good cliffs of the sun, and yellow day lily grows blend yes, and, in mame*saki at the west end of the Tsushima south, tiger lily and Hough are wonderful.

Silk tree
 It is one of the flowers representing summer of Tsushima. There are many national highway and kendoen inadonimo and grows wild.

Scutellaria root tiger lily
 Tiger lily caused mutation, and petal became yellow. Is considered to have become extinct in wild animal state, but it is cultivated at houses of Shimauchi each place and makes beautiful flower bloom from July through August.

Cotton tree
 In friends of hibiscus from Japan scientific name "Hibiscus hamabo" (hibiscus cotton tree). We grow wild at the short cogongrass gulf coasts, and bright yellow flower stands out at the time of sea kayaking tour and walk of the shore.

Plant (in autumn) of Tsushima

Tsushima funkia
 That it is friend of funkia told to grow wild only in Tsushima in the world, as for the funkia, a lot of variation is famous because classification is difficult. We see well in environment with much sawaen inado moisture.

 In November when autumn deepens, maple way of Kamitsushimamachishushi (learn) is colored for several kilos by turning yellow, colored leaves, and beauty of mountain stream tempts many tourists in interval, too.

Blue spirea
 With wild grass growing wild in Northwest Kyushu, we like the sunny debris grounds. It is one of the flowers representing autumn of Tsushima.

 Ginkgo is transmitted with Buddhism in Gymnospermae native to China in Japan, and it is thought that we were planted. It is window of interchange with continent, and Tsushima sees ginkgo well for a long time at Shinto shrine, temple. There is big ginkgo tree considered to be the best age of a tree in Japan in Kamitsushimamachikin (forbid).

Flower of soba
 It is thought that soba came as well as ginkgo in Japan from China, and soba (Tsushima province soba) of Tsushima is small, and fragrance is high, and it is said that progenitor is near and receives high evaluation among lovers. We make white flower bloom in October, and new soba is sold when it is the middle of November.

Plant (in winter) of Tsushima

 Activity of plants takes a short break in winter when it becomes when thicket camellia blooms. Even if new year begins, and hasty funny tree Tsushima Lonicera morrowii makes bloom, other plants wait still on for coming of spring to endure cold.
Thicket camellia
 A lot of thicket camellias grow wild in the fields and mountains of Tsushima, and thick leaf with luster and bright red flower color desolate wintry forest.

Tsushima Lonicera morrowii
 In fallen leaves shrub which is rarely seen under the bright forest, white ... light pink flower smells good. We were named from place where real form is similar to gourd, but are to watch out as fruit may be deadly poison as for the friend of Lonicera morrowii.

Plant observation spot

 If it is going to observe flower in Tsushima, it is the first to take a walk through Yamano in season of each flower. It is special joy to meet surprising wild grass at place to think, and not to be able to smell. However, as it is good-for-nothing not to understand when and where it blooms, there are parking lot and restroom and introduces park which can observe plant.

Plant observation spot map

 >>Plant observation spot map (Google map)
(1) mame*saki (garden)
 Place that it is at the west end of the Tsushima south, and spring visits earliest in Tsushima. When it is summer, yellow day lily, crinum make cliff of cape bloom yes silk tree, tiger lily, Hough.

(2) Oh, bay park which goes
 We can observe blue spireas in spring in cotton tree, autumn in violets, summer. On slope of heap of parks facing the back sea, several thousand gene chi azaleas are planted.

(3) Sum multi-capital god of beauty company
 On walk way along the shore, we can observe cotton trees in spring in ochojigamazumi, summer. Shrine forest is appointed to natural monument of prefecture.

(4) Matsubara Park
 We can enjoy autumn colors such as Japanese maple in dogwood, autumn around the rainy season.

(5) Korean observation station
 Around Golden Week, the mountains around the observation station turn white in Chionanthus retusus. Waniura district is appointed to natural monument of country as the nation's largest wild ground.

(6) Maple way of Shuushi (learn)
 It is dyed into colored leaves, turning yellow of maple for several kilos in autumn mountain stream of Shuushi measuring up.

Plant related site of Tsushima

Tsushima pictorial book of flora
 Homepage that is run collaboration in Tsushima wildlife protection center, the volunteer staff by cooperation of Hidetoshi Kokubun who has been continuing working on study of plant, increase of rare species for many years in local Tsushima.
 >>Tsushima pictorial book of flora WEB site

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