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Sightseeing model course

  1. Hideyosh's order of the Invasion of Koreai! Take a trip to the turbulent Tsushima
  2. Myth trip - Legend of the Palace of the Dragon King, Watatumi Shrine -
  3. The Mongol Invasion and the Japanese Pirates - The offensive and defensive sea battle -
  4. "Saka no Ue no Kumo"Period - Russo-Japanese War and Tsushima fortress -
  5. Gishiwajinden - Bronze ware kingdom, Tsushima -
  6. Ancient mountain castle, Kanatanoki Castle and sakimori - The Trip of Tsushima and Manyou Part 1 -
  7. The tragedy of the Shiragi messenger - The Trip of Tsushima and Manyou Part 2 -

(3) The Mongol Invasion and the Japanese Pirates - The offensive and defensive sea battle -

Course outline

 It was in base of Japanese pirates in the first half year while island, Tsushima of border passed to several degrees including the Mongolian Invasions and received foreign aggression and worked by the Korea dispatch of troops (position of the Bunroku Keicho era) of Hideyoshi Toyotomi as van and continued being always affected by Japan and foreign strain relations. It is course to touch for history of the offense and defense of Tsushima of the Mongolian Invasions, Japanese pirates era.

Course explanation (the Mongolian Invasions and Japanese pirates)

 By the Mongolian Invasions, Japan was told to have avoided aggression by "kamikaze", but Tsushima, Iki suffered serious damage in all of the islands. There is meaning of revenge to the Mongolian Invasions, too, and Japanese pirates comes to perform plunder, kidnapping flourishingly in Korean Peninsula, Mainland China. Li Ch'eng Katsura that Korai becomes one caused by damage of the Japanese pirates, and gained fame by extinction, the Japanese pirates subjugation performs the founding of a country of Li-regimed Korea.
 Li-regimed Korea performs surprise attack (alien enemy of the 1419 Oei era) of Tsushima considered to be "den of Japanese pirates", but we have a hard fight by guerilla war of head family and take conciliatory measure to give influential person of Tsushima authority of trade. Tsushima and Korean relations changed in this way from the times of fight of the Mongolian Invasions, Japanese pirates to the times of peaceful traffic. The peaceful relations will continue until the Korea dispatch of troops of Hideyoshi Toyotomi after twists and turns such as revolts (riot of Korean Japanese settler) of Miura.

The course time required

Tsushima Tourist Association
↓ A 1-minute walk
Nagasaki Prefectural Tsushima Historical Museum

↓ It is 25 minutes by car
Winnow form (Kanada Castle trace)
↓ It is ten minutes by car
Kashi (the Mongolian Invasions)
↓ It is seven minutes by car
Ozaki (base of Japanese pirates)
↓ It is ten minutes by car
↓ It is 20 minutes by car
Komoda Beach Shrine (the Mongolian Invasions)
↓ It is 15 minutes by car
Upper Misaka Park
↓ It is 15 minutes by car
Tsushima Tourist Association
※(no company) Tsushima Tourist Association is 20 minutes by car by car from three minutes, Tsushima Airport from sightseeing in 672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki information building contact toko tsushimaniari, Izuhara Port.

Course figure

Video Komoda Beach Shrine

※Picture (1:48 ...) of Komoda Beach Shrine flows when we click image.

Sightseeing course introduction

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[the location] 〒 817-0021
672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
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[access] It is 20 minutes by car by car from three minutes (a 10-minute walk), Tsushima Airport from Izuhara Port.

(1) Nagasaki Prefectural Tsushima Historical Museum
 It is opened in December, 1978 and we collect valuables such as cultural assets of Shimauchi, government finance company history document, folk document, head family library and display. By Japanese pirates relations, there is tsugemi (letter of government official conferment) which Hayata of Tsushima from Korea country was given and is appointed to important cultural property of country as Japan in this time and thing indicating Korean negotiations.

(2) Kanada Castle trace (distance come trace)
 For 663 years, the Japan (Japan) military was defeated by Tang, the Silla Allied Forces by "fight of hakumurako". For aggression from continent, Kanada Castle was built in Shiroyama which rose in southern coast of short cogongrass gulf, and Tsushima became battle front of national defense. We can expect the appearance (huge rocky mountain) of Kanada Castle trace from prefectural road.
 >>Kanada Castle trekking

(3) Grave of Goro Echizen
 By the Mongolian Invasions (position of Bunei) of 1274, various places throughout Tsushima became battlefield. In Mitsushimamachikashi shushikoku (sosukekuni. When illegitimate elder half-brother, etsuzengoroseiken of head family first generation) made slaying death, we are informed. It is thought that this stone pagoda was built as rest-in-peace pagoda in coming ages (the Muromachi era).

(4) Stronghold ... of Ozaki (it blooms) - Japanese pirates
 Ozaki area of the Mitsushimachi western part was one of the bases of Hayata who was big power of Japanese pirates and, in the case of "alien enemy of the Oei era by Korea water forces," received surprise attack at the very beginning in 1419. We had large trade area to Korea, China, Southeast Asia, and Hayata was citizen of ocean which moved over the sea across border.

(5) Place of Are (that) - itosumashi*chaku ...
 In Izuharamachiare district of the Tsushima West Coast, teaching Buddhism Great Teacher, itosumashi which is initiator of Tendai sect is cast ashore for return from Tang. Tsushima, Iki route was the safest to go over to continent from Japan, but we came to use more dangerous route to cross from Goto at a stretch in China after relations with Silla turned worse, and there seemed to be many accidents, too.

(6) Historic battleground ... of the Komoda Beach Shrine - Mongolian Invasions
 Approximately 1,000 horse men went ashore in Komoda Beach (komodahama) among Mongolian Invasions forces 33,000 (Mongolia 20,000 5000, 8000, Koma), and shikokuishita 80 yoki which intercepted it was annihilated in position of Bunei of 1274 in end of fierce battle. shikoku which was 68 years old is worshiped as Ares later, and we harden the body, and, in Komodahama Shrine Festival performed every year in November, descendants of Takashi and vassal participate in armor, and ceremony of exorcism using a bow to sound bow towards the sea is performed.

(7) Offense and defense ... of upper Misaka Park - Takashi and Abiru
 ahiryu (take) he governed Tsushima in front of Takashi Nyuujima, but legendary head family first generation, Shigehisa So (Shigehisa measuring up) goes ashore in Tsutsu, and there is tradition that defeats ahiryuheitaro, and snatched away the control 1000 years ago. Upper Misaka is considered to be the historic battleground, and there is upper Misaka battery trace for Russo-Japanese War to the back of park, too.

Optional route "alien enemy and Saga 3s of the Oei era"

 Tsushima and relations of Li-regimed Korea are worsened by alien enemy of the Oei era at one time, but, between Tsushima where Li-regimed Korea troubled with activity of Japanese pirates and Korea trade are lifelines, rapprochement is gradually explored. We were referred to "Saga three generations" for 60 years when 8 dai*sei, 9s accomplishment (Shigemoto) established prefecture in Minemachisaka by head family seven generations, Sadashige So and were the time when head family established diplomacy, trade relations with Korea.
Tsushima Tourist Association
↓ It is 35 minutes by car
↓ It is 25 minutes by car
↓ It is 60 minutes by car
Tsushima Tourist Association
※Because lord estrade is hard to know the place, and it is necessary to walk mountain path, we do not introduce by this route.
(8) Kofunakoshi (kofunakoshi)
  In one of base of Hayata (Hayata and same tribe of Ozaki) who was influential person of Japanese pirates, in the case of alien enemy of the Oei era, we received surprise attack of Korea water forces following Mitsushimamachiosaki. Kofunakoshi was important Minato to tie Tsushima Channel east water supply and short cogongrass gulf to from the ancient times.
(photograph makes west rower (of Kofunakoshi, and saw comes over))

Lord estrade (state)
 It became the head family main force and decisive battle in Mt. rice bran of Toyotamamachi (only as for the rice bran) after Ozaki, Kofunakoshi was attacked by diplomacy of the Oei era. Lord (*mo) is killed in action in Mt. rice bran and, in Tsushima, was informed when it lies in this grave, but it is revealed that, actually, we die of an illness in the last year and does not become clear who master of this grave is.

(9) Entsuuji (we do not obtain go)
 In Entsuuji, as for the principal idol, "dozoyakushinyoraizazo" (the thirteenth century, Korai Buddha), temple bell of bell tower are regarded as Korean bell of the early period of Rhee Dynasty at family temple of head family 8 dai*sei.

tsushinshisumomogei (rigei) achievement monument
 Monument of "plum art" is erected in front of Entsuuji. Plum art was Korean diplomat who played an active part in Japan-North Korea diplomatic negotiations, and there was success for the repatriation of many cover captives person, but was not able to meet mother of the plum art abducted in Japanese pirates throughout the life.

Entsuuji head family graveyard
 One treasure chassis mark tower (hokyointou) is in bamboo forest of mountain behind of Entsuuji, and because it is rest-in-peace pagoda of bearing no signature, legend about individual is unidentified, but it is thought that it is thing of Soichi group for Saga three generations.

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