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Sightseeing model course

  1. Hideyosh's order of the Invasion of Koreai! Take a trip to the turbulent Tsushima
  2. Myth trip - Legend of the Palace of the Dragon King, Watatumi Shrine -
  3. The Mongol Invasion and the Japanese Pirates - The offensive and defensive sea battle -
  4. "Saka no Ue no Kumo"Period - Russo-Japanese War and Tsushima fortress -
  5. Gishiwajinden - Bronze ware kingdom, Tsushima -
  6. Ancient mountain castle, Kanatanoki Castle and sakimori - The Trip of Tsushima and Manyou Part 1 -
  7. The tragedy of the Shiragi messenger - The Trip of Tsushima and Manyou Part 2 -

(4) "Saka no Ue no Kumo"Period - Russo-Japanese War and Tsushima fortress -

Course outline

 It was battle front of national defense, and fortress was built strenuously from the Meiji period in particular to World War II period up to the present age and, in island Tsushima of border, was called large fortress where Tsushima itself was on the sea. It is course that can experience the times of described Russo-Japanese War, Sea of Japan sea fight in "cloud on slope" (Ryotaro Shiba).

Course explanation (Tsushima and relations of Russia)

 Case that Russian warship posadonikku occupied imosaki of short cogongrass gulf which opened in the center of Tsushima in 1861 (Bunkyu 1) of the late Tokugawa period got up. Captain biriryofu surveyed in defiance of protest of Tsushima feudal clan and went to reckless action to shoot guard dead in great Funakoshi Seto.
 Furthermore, in the Shogunate, negotiations run into difficulties because they build barracks and showed posture of long-term stay though they dispatch Magistrate of Foreign Affairs, Tadamasa Oguri. Russian warship withdrew by pressure of British warship from the occupation from Tsushima half a year later.
 Time is the time of imperialism. Russia taking southing policy schemes the occupation of short cogongrass gulf for warm-water port, and one U.K. is also said to be when it was plan to occupy Tsushima by oneself if Russia does not withdraw.
 Russia continued open southing policy, and, after Mikuni interference after Sino-Japanese War, it was in a situation that Japan and war of Russia were not avoided, and Tsushima which was strategic point in military affairs was made fortress afterwards around Gulf of short cogongrass.
 In Sea of Japan sea fight of Russo-Japanese War, combined fleet leading Heihachiro Togou overthrows Russian Baltic fleet one-sidedly and makes victory of Russo-Japanese War decisive. This sea fight that made the Tsushima offing, the Sea of Japan the main battlefield is generally called "Tsushima sea fight" (Battle of Tsushima) any place other than Japan.

The course time required

Tsushima Tourist Association
↓ By car three minutes (a 10-minute walk)
Tosui Nakarai building
↓ It is 15 minutes by car
Upper Misaka Park (battery trace)
↓ It is 20 minutes by car
Great Funakoshi
↓ It is 15 minutes by car
Ten thousand Seki Bridge
↓ It is 30 minutes by car
Tsushima Tourist Association
※(no company) Tsushima Tourist Association is 20 minutes by car by car from three minutes, Tsushima Airport from sightseeing in 672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki information building contact toko tsushimaniari, Izuhara Port.

Course figure

 >>Times - Russo-Japanese War and Tsushima fortress ... (Google map) of model course (history) (4) "cloud on slope"

Video Mount Himekami battery

※Picture (18:27 ...) of Mount Himekami battery flows when we click image.

Battery full of videos

※Picture (17:05 ...) of rich battery flows when we click image.

Sightseeing course introduction

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(1) Tosui Nakarai building (thin if hot feel)
 Tosui Nakarai is newspaper reporter, novelist of the Meiji period. We are from Tsushima and are known as an object of teacher, yearning of Ichiyou Higuchi. At the time of Russo-Japanese War, we conveyed information of the battle front as war correspondent and played an active part. Izuharamachinakamura district that is hometown of peach water leaves taste of castle town now, and, as for the straight successor, it is community facility "Tosui Nakarai building".
>>Tosui Nakarai building WEB site

(2) Upper Misaka Park (Misaka fort)
 From upper Misaka observation deck located to 385m above sea level, Japanese representative ria, short cogongrass gulf opens like miniature garden under eyes. Barbette trace built late in the Meiji era appears when we walk promenade to the depths. Four cannons of 15 centimeters of diameters were installed, but might be never launched in the actual fighting.

(3) Great Funakoshi (monument of Yasugoro Matsumura and Kazunosuke Yoshino)
 Russian warship posadonikku visiting a shore in short cogongrass gulf in February, 1861 (Bunkyu 1), and staying for half a year. Meanwhile, it became tempest which rolled up the Shogunate because we plundered domestic animal and we dug well and showed posture of long-term stay. We finally borrowed power of the U.K., and Yasugoro Matsumura was shot at by fight with Russia soldier who was going to pass Seto of large Funakoshi forcibly although we let you leave of Russian warship, and death, Kazunosuke Yoshino became captive, and case not to endure the disgrace, and to die occurred. Two people were enshrined together as the war dead later by Yasukuni shrine, and monument was erected by great Funakoshi.

(4) Ten thousand Seki Bridge
 They were in the latter half of the Meiji era, and mood of war with Russia which took southing policy increased, and the Japanese Navy excavated Kusubo Channel (ten thousand Seki Seto) in 1901 (Meiji 34) to let torpedo boat make a sortie against Tsushima Channel east Channel. By Russo-Japanese War (Sea of Japan sea fight) of 1905, torpedo boat corps made a sortie through ten thousand Seki Seto and contributed to victory of Japan.

Option route Takeshiki naval station part (Mitsushimamachitakeshiki)

(5) Takeshiki - naval station part trace ...
 In 1886 (Meiji 19), mine Facilities Department was installed in Takeshiki Port of the southern part of short cogongrass gulf, and navy war vessel came to go in and out. After the Sino-Japanese War, importance as base is promoted to surge important port part. Tsushima is regarded as important how, and it is just revealed that important port part sees other ports in five places of Yokosuka, Kure, Shimonoseki, Sasebo, Takeshiki. It is becoming the Marine Self Defense Force Tsushima defense corps headquarters now.
 >>The Marine Self Defense Force Tsushima defense corps headquarters (Google map)

(6) Fukaura torpedo boat corps base trace
 In Sino-Japanese War, Captain of navy, Kantaro Suzuki (the Prime Minister in nochino admiral, the Grand Chamberlain, the World War II end of the war) gave sortie, military gains as mine coxswain from Takeshiki and was a chance to let the world recognize importance of torpedo boat.
 Photograph is base trace of torpedo boat corps in Fukaura of Takeshiki. "Stone facility group of Takeshiki naval station part trace" is appointed in A rank for "modern engineering works inheritance of Japan Society of Civil Engineering of Japan".
 >>Fukaura torpedo boat corps base trace (Google map)

Optional route heavy artillery regiment, army graveyard others (Mitsushimamachikechi)

(15) Drifting mine of Sumiyoshi Shrine
 Iron underwater mine which was presented in commemoration of the victory after the Russo-Japanese War by the navy. It was laid to prevent invasion of Russian warship.
 >>Sumiyoshi Shrine (Mitsushimamachikechi) (Google map)

(16) Heavy artillery regiment front gate pillar trace
 Only pillar of red brick stays and is becoming a part of Kechi Junior High School now. We are doing "holy comedy" of Kyojin Onishi on the stage of here.
 >>Tsushima City Kechi junior high school (Google map)

(17) Kechi army graveyard
 There is monument for the war dead, hyochuto on slope of mountain in northern Kechi, and there is gravepost of five Russia officers scattered to the side by Sea of Japan sea fight (Tsushima sea fight).
 >>Kechi army graveyard (monument for the war dead) (Google map)

The northeastern part of optional route Tsushima (Waniura - koto)

(7) Motegi Beach
 In 1905 (1905), interest abolished okaketa Sea of Japan sea fight of Japan was developed off Tsushima. In Kamitsushimamachi Motegi Beach, failure soldier of admiral nahimofu goes ashore and receives utmost nursing. Would it be expression of simple nature of mind of islander to have helped poor failure soldier while supporting the mother country? Cannon of nahimofu is raised more among the seas in 1980 and is installed with monument.
 >>In Russian officers land (Google map)

(8) densaki - Sea of Japan sea fight monument ...
 In densaki, 143 sailors of attacked and sunk vurajimiru monomuff go ashore. Farmers led this failure soldier to spring which began to spring out of water and share let you stay to private house and treated carefully. In title "favor sea justice Kyo" of monument (as for Kyo mountain + kyo), it is written combined fleet commander, Heihachiro Togou.
 >>Hill (Google map) of Japan and Russia friendship

(9) Big gun ... of rich battery - Showa
 As for the rich battery completed in start of work, 1934 in 1929, reinforcing rod is concrete. Is equipped, and 40 centimeters of kanoho measuring 18.5 meters in length seems to be endured 2 gates by bombing; thickness of concrete wall more than 2 meters. It was the both in name and in reality world's largest slugger, but we never fired cannonball in the actual fighting, and we were dismantled in October, 1945 by blast group of the U.S. forces.
 >>Rich battery trace (Google map)

(10) Battle front ... of national defense of the sea urchin island (unijima) - present age
 Sea urchin Island of the Waniura offing at the north end of Tsushima (unijima) becomes base of the Self-Defense Forces with huge radar. There is heliport, and member of Self-Defense Forces is resident, but private citizen does not live and becomes battle front of national defense to consider the north. Commoner cannot enter.
※State of sea urchin island where we saw photograph from Korean observation station.
 >>Sea urchin island (Google map)

opushomposadonikku case and imosaki

(11) imosaki
 Place that Russian warship posadonikku occupied at one time by the late Tokugawa period. Well which Russian soldier dug is still left, and monument of "bunkyugennentsuyuadakorehi" is built. It was peninsula which we pushed out northwest from Takeshiki, and imosaki was one of the important bases in military affairs to be said to be throat Buddha of short cogongrass gulf.

※ It becomes light mountain climbing of one-way approximately 1.5km (approximately one hour on foot) from entrance (Mitsushimamachihirugaura this side of prefectural road Route 24) of imosakihodai to battery. We walk one-way 500m to tsuyuadakorehi.

 It is "Russian old well". Other than well, there are traces such as the lodgings, the waterfront and sees intention that continues occupying Tsushima for long term of Russia.
 >>Russian old well, bunkyugennentsuyuadakorehi (Google map)

(12) imosakihodai
 imosakihodai has good state of preservation at Tsushima immediate early fortress where maintenance was pushed forward next to Tokyo Bay, but way is bad road. The 1887 start of construction, the 21 years completion.
 >>imosakihodai (Google map)

Battery which was built for optional Russo-Japanese War

(13) Shiroyama battery trace
 Is fight of hakumurako, and beat the (663) Japan forces in Tang, the Silla Allied Forces for sky intellect two years, and build Kanada castle in Shiroyama rising in southern coast of Gulf of short cogongrass; of defense was based. At battery which Shiroyama battery maintains Shiroyama again, and was made, we are completed in start of construction, 1901 in 1900.
 >>Kanada Castle trekking

(14) Mount Himekami battery trace
 In 1900 (Meiji 33), mortar and British fortress using red brick were constructed in Mount Himekami. It was covered by thick tree and person who came was little situation, but felled road maintenance and outskirts tree in 2010.

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