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Sightseeing model course

Experience the magnificent nature

  1. Trip to release short cogongrass gulf sea kayaking feeling
  2. Mythical village sea kayaking Wada capital god of beauty company, marine worship
  3. We go into the sea of scuba diving border
  4. Mt. 100 Kyushu Shiratake trekking
  5. Ancient fortress Kaneta Castle trekking whom soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu built
  6. Yamashiro Shimizu Yamashiro trekking of the Mt. peak Ariake trekking / Korea dispatch of troops of all ages
  7. Wild birds flying in the sky of bird watching border
  8. We go to encounter creatures Tsushima lynx of island
  9. Flowers coloring island of creatures border of island

Learn the everlasting history

  1. Hideyosh's order of the Invasion of Koreai! Take a trip to the turbulent Tsushima
  2. Myth trip - Legend of the Palace of the Dragon King, Watatumi Shrine -
  3. The Mongol Invasion and the Japanese Pirates - The offensive and defensive sea battle -
  4. "Saka no Ue no Kumo"Period - Russo-Japanese War and Tsushima fortress -
  5. Gishiwajinden - Bronze ware kingdom, Tsushima -
  6. Ancient mountain castle, Kanatanoki Castle and sakimori - The Trip of Tsushima and Manyou Part 1 -
  7. The tragedy of the Shiragi messenger - The Trip of Tsushima and Manyou Part 2 -

Enjoy the scene of the border

  1. The blue sky of the archipelago: Aso Gulf (central Tsushima)
  2. Regular sea service, riding Tokaibune (central Tsushima)
  3. The other side of the sea, the Korean night view (northern Tsushima)
  4. Traveling to Mt. Tatera's primeval forest and "Top 100 Japan villages, Tsutsu" (southern Tsushima)

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