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Sightseeing model course

  1. Trip to release short cogongrass gulf sea kayaking feeling
  2. Mythical village sea kayaking sum multi-capital god of beauty company, marine worship
  3. We go into the sea of scuba diving border
  4. Mt. 100 Kyushu Shiratake trekking
  5. Ancient fortress Kanada Castle trekking whom soldiers garrisoned at strategic posts in Kyushu built
  6. Yamashiro Shimizu Yamashiro trekking of the Mt. peak Ariake trekking / Korea dispatch of troops of all ages
  7. Wild birds flying in the sky of bird watching border
  8. We go to encounter creatures Tsushima lynx of island
  9. Flowers coloring island of creatures border of island

(1) Short cogongrass gulf sea kayaking

Course outline

 In typical Rias coast where complicated inlet and innumerable islands weave short cogongrass gulf (asowan) opening in the center of Tsushima, the whole area is scenic sea area appointed in Iki-Tsushima Seminational Park.
 Gulf of short cogongrass which was very large inland sea was hard to be affected by wind and wave in comparison with the open sea, and continent and Japan were known as natural port of continent route that came and went from ancient times.
 When, to sea kayaking, begin to row in short cogongrass gulf where wave is calm, there is the world measuring 0 meters above sea level.
 Do you not leave for odyssey to take a walk only by own power freely over the sea while feeling area and the height of the sky of the sea?

The course time required

Tsushima Tourist Association, airport, port, accommodations

Mitsushimamachimikata, Tsushima-shi (we see and win), sea kayaking guide office

Half day course (three hours), various tours including daily course (six hours)

Sea kayaking guide office

Airport, port, accommodations
※Mitsushimamachimikata (we see and win) with guide office is around 25 minutes by car by car from 15 minutes, Izuhara Port from Tsushima Airport. On real tour, we join ecotourism guide in airport, port, accommodations.
※(no company) Tsushima Tourist Association is 20 minutes by car by car from three minutes, Tsushima Airport from sightseeing in 672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki information building contact toko tsushimaniari, Izuhara Port.
※The above is model course of daily course (six hours). By climatic condition, physical strength, constitution (families) of customer, course may be changed. Course (three hours) becomes short course without lunch in half day.

Course figure

Video short cogongrass gulf sea kayaking

※Picture (12:48 ...) of sea kayaking flows when we click image.

Sightseeing course introduction

(no company) Tsushima Tourist Association
 Offer of sightseeing information, request of brochure to this.
[the location] 〒 817-0021
672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
Sightseeing information building contact toko tsushima
[telephone] 0920-52-1566
[access] It is 20 minutes by car by car from three minutes (a 10-minute walk), Tsushima Airport from Izuhara Port.

Sea kayaking guide office
 At first we take explanation and rescue class of sea kayaking in guide office and practice warm-up and padoringu.

※It is example of model course as follows. As content varies according to courses, in the case of inquiry, reservation, please confirm.

It strikes the beach and takes a short break
 We are apt to have image to be easy to be overturned about sea kayaking, but stability is high in 2-crew boat and may rarely do chin. We fall into pleasure of sea kayaking to advance to glide on the sea when we row for ten minutes.

Saw percent rock (scary rock)
 Nearly 50 meters are huge stone, saw percent rocks of quartz porphyry which they pushed out from one, the sea surface of famous place in short cogongrass gulf. When Raptores such as ossifrage falcons can fly in the sky and look up from the sea surface, we are overwhelmed for the force.

Great good luck Tokami Corporation (it may be many blunderers)
 It is local deity, great good luck Tokami Corporation of Shiroyama (joyama) which we pushed out in southern coast of short cogongrass gulf. We were referred to Nakatsu Hachiman shrine and were the pivot of national defense to worship the Jinguu empress once. Object of worship is appointed to important cultural property of country with Silla Buddhist statue and is managed now in Kurose district.

Kanada Castle castle wall
 Stone wall is used by the whole, and Shiroyama is appointed as ancient Yamashiro "Kanada Castle trace" built for 667 years on special historic spot of country. We were soundly beaten by fight of hakumurako for Incident (Taika Reformation), 663 years of second serpent for 645 years and Japan at the time was domestic and was in strain state at national level externally.

Go ashore; and lunchtime (only in the course with lunch)
 Strike uninhabited island or the beach; and lunchtime. Comfortable fatigue wraps whole body and is moment when heart is released. Sea bathing that we wear life jacket is recommended in the summer.

Nomura's jellyfish
 Huge Nomura's jellyfish which appears around Tsushima from summer to autumn. In short cogongrass gulf, we see thing of size approximately 50 centimeters in diameter of umbrella well.


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