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Sightseeing model course

  1. The blue sky of the archipelago: Aso Gulf (central Tsushima)
  2. Regular sea service, riding Tokaibune (central Tsushima)
  3. The other side of the sea, the Korean night view (northern Tsushima)
  4. Traveling to Mt. Tatera's primeval forest and "Top 100 Japan villages, Tsutsu" (southern Tsushima)

(1) The blue sky of the archipelago: Aso Gulf (central Tsushima)

Course outline

 It is constant seller sightseeing course that contact with ten thousand Seki View from the Bridge suffering from ten thousand Seki Seto dividing Tsushima to the north and south and valuable convention horse, Tsushima province horse can enjoy while aiming at sum multi-capital god of beauty company popular with tourists, Mt. Eboshi.

The course time required

Tsushima Tourist Association
↓ It is 30 minutes by car
Ten thousand Seki Bridge
↓ It is three minutes by car
Oh, bay park which goes
↓ It is 30 minutes by car
Sum multi-capital god of beauty company
↓ It is five minutes by car
Mt. Eboshi observation station
↓ It is 60 minutes by car
Tsushima Tourist Association
※(no company) Tsushima Tourist Association is 20 minutes by car by car from three minutes, Tsushima Airport from sightseeing in 672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki information building contact toko tsushimaniari, Izuhara Port.

Course figure

Video Mt. Eboshi observation station

※Picture (3:22 ...) of Mt. Eboshi observation station flows when we click image.

Sightseeing course introduction

(no company) Tsushima Tourist Association
 Offer of sightseeing information, request of brochure to this.
[the location] 〒 817-0021
672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki
Sightseeing information building contact toko tsushima
[telephone] 0920-52-1566
[access] It is 20 minutes by car by car from three minutes (a 10-minute walk), Tsushima Airport from Izuhara Port.

(1) Ten thousand Seki Bridge
 They were in the latter half of the Meiji era, and mood of war with Russia which took southing policy increased, and the Japanese Navy excavated Kusubo Channel (ten thousand Seki Seto) in 1901 (Meiji 34) to let torpedo boat make a sortie against Tsushima Channel east Channel. By Russo-Japanese War (Sea of Japan sea fight) of 1905, torpedo boat corps made a sortie through ten thousand Seki Seto and contributed to victory of Japan.

(2) Oh, bay park which goes
 Natural park in Mitsushimachi. Tent site, automatic campground are maintained and can look at Tsushima dimosquito, Tsushima province horse in garden.
>>Oh, bay park homepage that goes

Tsushima dimosquito
 Oh, Tsushima dimosquito who is bred so in bay park. It is subspecies of sika, but it is said that we leave older form and essence, and there are independence class and opinion to do.

Tsushima province horse (taisyuba)
 It is precious convention horse, Tsushima province horse (taisyuba) peculiar to Tsushima bred in jikuaso bay park. It was small, but power was strong and endured plain food and played an active part in farming, movement, transportation for a long time because property was docile. We lose role by the spread of cars, and number decreased sharply, too, but approach of protection begins.

(3) Sum multi-capital beauty (we pile up cotton) Shinto shrine
 In sea shrine dedicated to ball princess (the Toyota paralysis) full of daughters of Kaijin appearing in Kojiki, Palace of the Dragon King legend is had for a long time. Two rise underwater among five toriis of the front shrine front and change the aspect by tide and have mysterious atmosphere to remind me of the mythical times distantly. There is ancient religious service trace, iwaza (Iwakura) when we walk some back approaches to a shrine, and it is in secret power spot.

(4) Mt. Eboshi (eboshidake) observation station
 When road is maintained to Mt. Eboshi mountaintop neighborhood of 176m above sea level and climbs 145 steps of stairs (with handrail), we can look around magnificent scenery of Rias coast, short cogongrass gulf 360 degrees. It is tourist attraction that can expect Korean land shadow complicatedly if complicated shoreline and innumerable islands, climatic condition are good of popularity.

Option route 1 "strategic point, Kofunakoshi of continent route"

 It is village at Route 382 toward sum multi-capital god of beauty company from "Kofunakoshi" haaso bay park. It is important port of continent route in the old times, and traces of Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine Buddhist temple, port are left. We stop car in Kofunakoshi (there is public toilet, parking lot along the road), and one that is interested in the history will take a walk through neighborhood.
(5) Port ... of the times of west rower (we do, and saw comes over) - all ages
 Kofunakoshi contacts with west rower of short cogongrass gulf across small hill from Gulf of Miura. The place name of Kofunakoshi comes from that we pull ship and go to the west and went over this hill for a long time to the east. Envoy to the Sui Dynasty or envoy to the Tang Dynasty come to Gulf of Miura from the Kyushu mainland, and it is said that we transfer to different ship prepared for west rower and left for continent once.

(6) Old shrine ... which flatters, and enshrines the hemp te ryu (amateru) Shrine - sun
 Shinto shrine which is dedicated to sun God life (hinimitama) that is very close to Bairin temple. We appear in the Chronicles of Japan and show oldness of the history in this area.
※Flatter; te of hemp te clip is one to him.

(7) Bairin temple (bairinji) - Japan's first temple ...
 It is this Bairin temple that is informed with first Japanese temple which was erected to place Buddha statue presented to the Emperor Kinmei by Saint King Akira of Kudara temporarily. Buddhism brought via Tsushima by Japan causes conflict of Soga and Monobe, and Buddhism nation, Japan will be born by appearance of Prince Shotoku before long.

Option route 2 "Seto who is purple Sumiyoshi Shrine"

 Ohashi, Sumiyoshi of Kamoise, there is red Shimane Univ. Bridge more when we go from Route 382 to city street diverging to the east in Kofunakoshi when we advance. When we turn right at Ohashi, Sumiyoshi this side and go down slope, it is Sumiyoshi Shrine.
Kofunakoshi → It is eight minutes by car → Kamoise, Sumiyoshi Shrine → It is five minutes by car → Red Shimane Univ. bridge → It is 13 minutes by car → We come back to Kofunakoshi
(8) Ball princess ... full of Sumiyoshi Shrine - sea goddess
 There is much purple coral (software Coral) in inlet around Sumiyoshi Shrine of Kamoise and is praised with "purple Seto" to Manyoshu tanka collection.

(9) The sea of red island
 Princess ball full of sea goddess appearing in marine products heap of Kojiki, Chronicles of Japan good luck legend is informed when we delivered child God in this ground. The bottom of the sea becomes the beach of sand bar and, on fine day, we reflect sunlight and shine with emerald green.

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