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Tsushima comfort lecture - history ...


Castle information

Japanese "strongest castle" Kanada-jo Castle. jpg


Advantageous information

  • About various campaigns of airline
  • Transit discount of ANA, ANA SUPER VALUE reduction in price, trip product 10,000 yen coupon, various campaigns including New Year's present campaign (targeted for islanders) of ORC are carried out.


  • Waku waku boarding ticket (Nagasaki trip net)
  • It is advantageous plan boarding ticket that sightseeing experience coupon was bundled with round-trip boarding ticket. Up to 5,000 yen discount! (sale until 2020/Saturday, February 29 as for the validity from the purchase seven days)
  • Waku waku air ticket (Nagasaki trip net)
  • You can get coupon for experience-based plan when you use pack product of "accommodation + airplane" in "jalan net". Up to 7,000 yen discount! (available coupon acquisition, local experience until 2020/Saturday, February 29)

Latest information (association blog)


Collection of Tsushima sightseeing pictures (YouTube)

>Picture, photograph


To islands of curiosity. [Tsushima] 4K (Short ver.)


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Yoriai dokoro Tsushima

Tsushima-shi Fukuoka office


Tsushima Tourist Association

Inquiry of request, sightseeing product of sightseeing pamphlet to this.

  • 〒817-0021 672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki Google map
    ​Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima
  • TEL 0920-52-1566/FAX 0920-52-1585
    Inquiry Form
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