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About new coronavirus

  • The outbreak situation (Fukuoka) in new coronavirus, Fukuoka
  • The outbreak situation of new coronavirus in Fukuoka (emergency declaration area) where route, air route to Tsushima connects with in the site mentioned above is settled.
  • The outbreak situation (Nagasaki) in new coronavirus, Nagasaki
  • In the site mentioned above, information such as the outbreak situation of/home and abroad in Nagasaki is compiled. As it is the situation that rumor (false rumor) is easy to produce in SNS, calm judgment, correspondence, please.
  • Isolated island is limited to medical institution which a lot of elderly people can support and may fall into the critical situation as conveyance to the island outside is difficult when infection spreads to Shimauchi. Thorough others of wearing, hand-washing of mask, perfect corona measures, please so that tourists and the family, Tsushima citizen can live in peace as there are many asymptomatic infected people.

Ghost of Tsushima information

※Cruel description is included in picture partly.

Castle information

Japanese "strongest castle" Kanada-jo Castle. jpg

Advantageous information

Latest information (association blog)


Collection of Tsushima sightseeing pictures (YouTube)

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To islands of curiosity. [Tsushima] 4K (Short ver.)


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Yoriai dokoro Tsushima

Tsushima-shi Fukuoka office


Tsushima Tourist Association

Inquiry of request, sightseeing product of sightseeing pamphlet to this.

  • 〒817-0021 672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki Google map
    ​Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima
  • TEL 0920-52-1566/FAX 0920-52-1585
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