Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima


Facility information

"We could wave Sightseeing information center, and place (dokoro) tsushima" started a business in center, Izuharamachiimayashiki (izuharamachiimayashiki) of island, Tsushima of border in April, 2015.
Wood from Tsushima and Japanese-style building of Japanese tile reproduced "gate of a tenement house style" of the senior retainer, Furukawas of Tsushima feudal clan, and, in facility, restrooms are installed during "tourist information center" "sightseeing room" "souvenir room" "experience rest" "multi-purpose open space" for 24 hours.
Doorway, Izuhara Port of the sea is near, too, and lane of route bus is in site, too, and it is in the starting point of traffic to various places throughout Shimauchi.
Come to citizen's interchange base "Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima" with point of transmission, tourists of sightseeing product information of Tsushima by all means.

The location, business hours

Facility name Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima
Address 〒817-0021 672-1, Izuharamachiimayashiki, Tsushima-shi, Nagasaki

TEL: 0920-52-1566/FAX: 0920-52-1585

Inquiry form is this

Business hours

Tourist information center/administrative office 8:45-17:30
Sightseeing room 9:00-17:00
Souvenir room 9:00-18:00
Multipurpose open space 8:45-18:00
It is 9:00-18:00 during experience-based rest
Dining room Ikoi 11:00-14:00
Restroom 24 hours

※We may change business hours depending on the situation such as new coronavirus.

Parking lot Around two are parkable in parking lot space in site. As basement parking area (free of charge until 90 minutes) of adjacent Tsushima-shi interchange center is contract parking lot, please use.
Regular holiday New Year holidays (12/29-1/3)

Tourist information center

It is tourist information center becoming the starting point of sightseeing in Tsushima.
Including consultation of acquisition and sightseeing of brochure in Tsushima please feel free to contact.

At information corner of wall surface, we send Tsushima-related topics or flowering information.
We set up stamp (four kinds) of Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima-limited. Design is Tsushima residence, Matsuno designer of MIT. Please in commemoration of trip!
Is it stuffed toy of just cat? This is apt to be thought of, but, in fact, it is made-to-order and is stuffed toy of Tsushima lynx (size of the original, the true weight). Please sense weight bodily.

Sightseeing room

We display photograph, chronological table, picture of history, nature, sightseeing spot of Tsushima, and "sightseeing room" shows. At first, trip should become more substantial thing if we know summary of Tsushima here.

Stylish illustration of Tsushima lynx is met.
We display nature, history of island, Tsushima of border in a mass compactly.
Traffic on the seas route from ancient times to modern times is illustrated in floor.
As for the introduction of Shinto shrine of "island, Tsushima of gods" proud of company (Shinto shrine with high status that the Imperial Court recognized in the Heian era) in expression of the Kyushu most.
History section to introduce history of turbulence of island, Tsushima of border into whether it is full of story characteristics.
Clear photograph introduces animal, plant, insect representing Tsushima of continent origin.
 Photograph, video (wild Tsushima lynx) which photographer, Makoto Kawaguchi (kawaguchimakoto) living in Tsushima photographed is must-see.
Corner that introduces great man and Shinto ritual and folk culture such as first feudal lord, Yoshitomo So (settle so), Confucianism person Hoshu Amenomori (learn forest rain), *santotsuan (do). The right side is sightseeing spot map, sightseeing model course.

Souvenir room

We sell processed marine products, cake, special product of Tsushima including goods.

It is the whole of souvenir room. It is liberation of the second-floor colonnade-like space.
The Tsushima sea near the shore where cold current and warm current hit is famous as one of the most fishing grounds in Japan!
 Please appreciate seafood from Tsushima including sea eel.
Standard "refuse firewood" of Tsushima souvenir.
Originally, at daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo of the Edo era, we were devised to celebrate coming back to the island of the safety of Tsushima feudal lord in house. It is traditional Japanese confectionery of lucky charm which we used sugar which was luxury for abundantly in those days.
Let alone goods of "Tsushima lynx" "Tsushima province horse", "otter" goods are popular, too.
※In 2017, otter was discovered in Tsushima and became nationwide topic.

Dining room Ikoi

※For store renewal, we will close a shop for a while from Tuesday, August 11. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your understanding.

We pickled tsushima regional chicken, pork to salty-sweet original sauce, and, "Sago rice" (sagomai) which nature of Tsushima brought up, "tonchan" provides ingredients which seem to be sea eel of the best unloading in Japan, Tsushima including nature mineral-rich salt made by burning seaweed with recipe and seasoning which seem to be Tsushima "Tsushima province (we learn sea bream) side" said to have been transmitted late in Jomon period.

Tsushima province side
iriyakisoba set meal
Sashimi set meal
tonchan bowl


Rental fee

Bicycle working under electric assistant player

Less than two hours: 700 yen
Less than four hours: 1,000 yen

※In addition to rental, guarantee charges 1,000 yen is needed separately. We refund guarantee charges at the time of bicycle return.

City cycle Less than two hours: 500 yen
Less than four hours: 700 yen

※In addition to rental, guarantee charges 1,000 yen is needed separately. We refund guarantee charges at the time of bicycle return.

Rental, return place

Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima (Tsushima Tourist Association)


  • It is the business hours (09:00-17:00) at rental time. We do not loan after 17:00.
  • The use area is Izuharamachikuta - Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima - Izuharamachisajikibara. Please use as far as you do not exceed tunnel.
  • When the use time exceeds planned time, we charge fee that we accepted at time for utility.
  • We may not prepare for bicycle including case of a lot of reservations. Please confirm on the telephone beforehand.
  • You follow legal rule, and please lock on bicycle parking by all means.
  • On damage, loss or theft of the body renting and equipment, please pay in the actual expenses.
  • When accidents occur during rental, TS mark accompanying insurance (liability insurance participation finished) is applied for all customers. But please note that you cannot take insurance responsibility out of the application. >>TS mark (association of Nihon Kotsu management technology site)


Other than guidebook about Tsushima, we handle book which is not readily available including the town of Tsushima of old six.
As for the tourist, researcher, please use local person, too.
As shipment to each place is possible, by delivery to home charges collect on delivery, please refer (all tax-included price as follows).


Tsushima country will (Vol. 1): 4,180 yen
Tsushima country will (Vol. 2): 3,740 yen
Tsushima country will (Vol. 3): 2,860 yen
Tsushima country will (set): 10,780 yen
Life of Hoshu Amenomori: 550 yen
Recollection of the Pacific War: 2,420 yen
Tsushima which visiting Shogunate examiner saw: 2,200 yen
Buddha statue which was stolen: 660 yen
Tsushima, head family and cheap virtue sky Imperial mausoleum: 880 yen
kotonari of Tsushima: 1,980 yen
Fuchu, Tsushima feudal clan strolls in castle town aimlessly: 1,100 yen
It is answer book to visiting Shogunate autopsy: 2,200 yen
Story to boil Tsushima (draff): 550 yen
Comics person will in Tsushima Hoshu Amenomori: 880 yen
tsushima child native district handbook: 1,540 yen
Letter from Japan building: 880 yen
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land kontinyudo: 1,980 yen

Nagasaki documents company Nagasaki study, No. 11 (Iki edition) to go on a trip: 660 yen
Nagasaki study, No. 12 (Tsushima) to go on a trip: 660 yen
Nagasaki study, No. 15 (islands of Nagasaki) to go on a trip: 660 yen
12 times of chosentsushinshi: 1,540 yen
Invasion of cause and Korai: 1,540 yen
Tsushima-shi Izuharamachi: 3,140 yen
Izuharamachi (historical materials I): 6,280 yen
Izuharamachi (historical materials II): 4,400 yen
Toyotamamachi: 4,190 yen
Minemachi: 5,230 yen
Kamiagatamachi: 3,140 yen
Kamitsushimamachi: 3,140 yen
Kamitsushimamachi (historical materials): 5,230 yen
History of Izuharamachi education: 1,040 yen
Cultural assets of Tsushima-shi: 520 yen
Izuhara Old place name map: 200 yen
Tsushima of those days: 1,040 yen
Hidetoshi Kokubun, Aiko Kokubun Plants in Tsushima 2,750 yen
Nagasaki Shimbunsha Bird and nature of Tsushima: 1,760 yen
Mountain and valley company The mountains of division into prefectures mountain guide Nagasaki: 2,090 yen
shishoin First Tsushima feudal lord Yoshitomo So (history great man story of comics Tsushima): 770 yen
Yoshizane So and Tsushima Three Great Calligraphers person (history great man story of comics Tsushima): 770 yen
Yoshinari So and Japanese book forgery (history great man story of comics Tsushima) that it was uncovered one Yanagawa: 770 yen
Cedar shop bookstore Way of chosentsushinshi: 2,850 yen
Nature of Tsushima: 3,050 yen
mitsushima print Tsushima book 2,019:1,527 yen
Tsushima road map: 200 yen
Tsuyoshi Komatsu Tsuneichi Miyamoto and "I:" 1,430 yen
(one) Tsushima Tourist Association tsushima all sorts of subject (May, 2011): 1,000 yen

Restroom, others

Restroom is available for 24 hours.

This is design for man. Kimono.
This is for woman. It is kimono.
There is multipurpose restroom, too.
There are arbor (arbor) and waterway, smoking area in the building depths.

Route bus

It is bus stop "Izuhara" of the only route bus service company "Tsushima traffic" in Tsushima (izuhara).
In there being various designs, painting of local bus is a pleasure.
As for the digital timetable, letter notation such as bus stop name, the time and plain line map are displayed in turn.
There are free-to-ride free passes for 1,000 yen a day, too. Inquiry to the Tsushima traffic company, head office Office (TEL: 0920-52-1810).
As for the locker, there is 12 size (300 yen a day) in carry-back in four large size (400 yen a day) to enter.
As you lock other than the business hours (8:45-18:00), please be careful.

Rental space

In Tsushima Tourist Association, we rent a part of the facility of "Sightseeing information center Fureai dokoro Tsushima" which our association runs by designated management as rental space.
As rental of table, chair, frozen showcase goes, too, including event, product sales, lecture please inflect.

Rental place

Multipurpose open space

It is opening-like space of indoor, glass ceiling. We do not have any problem in rainy day either and it is available, but is affected by direct rays of the sun or strong wind of midsummer. Please use as event sites.
(area 10.0m *7.0m for utility)

Sightseeing room

About half of display, picture space about sightseeing is available. We can install desk, chair, and projector is available. It is usable for lecture, presentation that is small (around 30).
(area 5.0m *5.0m for utility)

Rental use possibility time

At available time of each space, it is 08:45-21:00.

Rental rental article

When we use each rental space, we can use 18 tables (1.8m *0.6m X 0.7m in height), chair 45 free. Number including case that we have already used in other space is limited.

Rental fee

  Less than three hours It is less than six hours more than three hours It is less than nine hours more than six hours Daylong (08:45-21:00)
Nonprofit 700 yen 1,400 yen 2,100 yen 2,100 yen
Profit (by the collection of participation fee
Thing, product sales to be accompanied by)
3,000 yen 6,000 yen 9,000 yen 10,000 yen
Profit (in the case of member of association) 1,500 yen 3,000 yen 4,500 yen 5,000 yen
  • We charge 100 yen as air-conditioning costs only when we use sightseeing room in normal overtime (18:00-21:00) and we use air-conditioning.
  • It is point for one year in time limit of advance reservations.
  • At the use time, we include at time required for preparations and tidying up.
  • Tsushima Tourist Association can reduce some or all of charge about holding such as events that city or area hosts when we admit that there is special reason in the public interest and.

The use permission application form

As for the application for facility rental, mail, please bring the following use permission application to Tsushima Tourist Association after downloading, entry, sealing. Email, application by FAX are possible, but submission of the application original which sealed actually, please by day to take advantage of.

Use of Sightseeing information center permission application (Word format/46KB)

Use of Sightseeing information center permission application (Portable Document Format/37KB)